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Coaching is a part and parcel for two- The client and the coach. It is a process of creating space for the coachees by the coach.It entails several meetings wherein the coachee discusses their problems with the coach and drives the conversation with questioning.The process is simple and yet it has so many benefits.While the advantages of life coaching are significant, this book will concentrate on the impact on businesses, laying out and investigating the advantages of coaching in the workplace.Let’s discover all these benefits of coaching for the coach, the individuals, the team, and the organization.

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Coaching Philosophy

What is the need for Coaching Philosophy?

Find Your Coaching Niche

Why is a Niche important in a Coaching Career?

Coaching Competencies

Principles of Coaching Competencies

Ethics In

The Roots of Ethics in Coaching

Magic of Coaching Conversation

How to have a Coaching Conversation

Contribution of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching to organization

Get in touch with your Coaching Style

Benefits of Coaching to organization

Stages of

Application of Coaching Approaches

A Guide on Coaching Models

Coaching Models popular in the industry

Your Partner To Unravel The Hidden Gem of Coaching


Our purpose is to create ebooks that are well researched, engaging and carry our unique brand voice to guide you and help you explore the path of coaching as an industry.


These resources are created to impart knowledge to the budding coaches and to bring valuable insights for the professional corporate leaders that they can apply to the coaching practice.


With the profoundness of bringing radical change, our aim is to bring transformation in the lives of the people to enable them to grow and drive results.

  • Guide to Coaching Industry in 2021
  • Find Your Coaching Niche
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Coaching Competencies- The Gold Standard by ICF
  • Ethics In Coaching
  • Coaching Conversation
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