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Who is this for?

Are you a coach, mentor, trainer, business leader, HR professional, or line manager who wants to extend your coaching approaches to help teams become more effective and develop the capability to coach themselves?

Then CCMI’s Foundation level course is perfect for you! This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in coaching, in both practice and educational settings.

Professional Coaches who are looking to expand their skill set outside of 1-2-1 coaching to include or transition to team coaching.
Business Leaders, Line Managers, Team Leaders who want to know more about how to coach teams effectively.
HR Leaders and Professionals who want to help deliver a programme to support team coaching through their business.
Facilitators and other trainers / professionals working with teams and looking to expand their toolkit.

Why enrol in CCMI’s Foundation level course?

David Clutterbuck’s book ‘Coaching the Team at Work’ (2007) was a groundbreaking work in defining team coaching as a practice based on evidence. Since then, Clutterbuck and his team have continued to work with teams globally and train both external and internal team coaches through their accredited programs, which are the world’s first.

Their ongoing research has recently led to the development of the PERILL model, the first complex, adaptive systems model of team function and dysfunction. This model provides teams and team coaches with greater clarity into the intricacies of team dynamics. Clutterbuck’s work has made a significant contribution to the field of team coaching and continues to shape its development.

With CCMI’s Foundation level course, you’ll learn the necessary skills to add team coaching to your portfolio. You’ll learn from our experts, including David Clutterbuck, Lis Merrick, and Janet Leonard, who have years of experience in coaching and mentoring. You’ll also gain practical knowledge and experience by practicing with real teams in pairs, and you’ll receive personalized feedback on your progress through individual learning logs.

This course is recognized at ICF Foundation course level, which means you’ll earn a valuable accreditation that is recognized globally. You’ll gain a competitive advantage in the coaching and mentoring industry by demonstrating your knowledge and skills in team coaching. This course is also flexible, with virtual webinars that allow you to learn from anywhere in the world, and self-study options that fit your schedule.

About CCMI

Clutterbuck Coaching and Mentoring International (CCMI), the leading coaching and mentoring network in the world. We are a consortium of boutique training consultancies with a network of more than 25 partner organizations across 120 countries. All of our partners have been accredited to provide a consistent, high-quality, and reliable service in the specialist areas of coaching and mentoring.

We help organizations across the globe achieve a strategic and practical approach to local and multi-country coaching and mentoring programs that are both high impact and sustainable. Whether you are a Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Business leader, HR Professional, or Line Manager, CCMI can offer standard or bespoke consultancy or training packages and programs to suit your specific requirements.

David Clutterbuck,

Practice Lead,

Meet The Instructor & Coach

David is one of the pioneers and foremost global authorities in Coaching and Mentoring. He introduced supported mentoring to Europe in early 1980s and also 360-degree feedback, which he discovered in Russia whilst travelling the globe reporting on good practice in management.

An author of 75 books on coaching, mentoring, leadership and management, he also co-founded the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (he is now Special Ambassador for the EMCC) in addition to being Visiting professor, Henley Business School (Reading University) Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes and York St John Universities.

A serial entrepreneur, he currently leads Coaching Mentoring International (CCMI), a global network of coaching and mentoring experts and trainers. David’s other interests include chairing the research committee of the London School of Comedy, exploring social and well-being impacts of laughter (and has trained as a stand-up comedian), lead coach for WBECS African Ethical Coaching Council, working with learning and socially disabled children and adults to promote social inclusion and is heavily involved in trying to deploy a school mentoring programme (for teachers and the kids) to schools across the World.

Outside of the office, David enjoys being a grandad and children’s author, travelling extensively (sometimes as a travel correspondent) and challenging himself to learn a new sport or activity every year.


This course is designed for individuals with prior experience in team facilitation and coaching who want to enhance their skills in team coaching. The course will equip learners with the necessary competencies and confidence to extend their coaching approach to help teams become more effective and self-coaching.

  • Introduction to team coaching
  • The purpose of team coaching
  • Understanding team evolution
  • Models of team learning
  • Leader-follower relationship and its impact on team efficacy
  • Characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Differences between individual and team coaching
  • Identifying team strengths and weaknesses
  • Key steps in the team coaching process: contracting, scoping, developing the team’s capacity to coach itself
  • Techniques and approaches for team coaching sessions
  • Competencies and behaviors of a team coach
  • Identifying and analyzing team dysfunction
  • Principles of group dynamics and managing team conflicts
  • Establishing and working with team purpose
  • Managing team motivation, temporal issues, and creativity
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With This Course You Can

Discover approaches to witness better collaboration and improved results.

Engage your team in an honest conversation about, “What’s working?” and “What needs to change?”.

Provide the structure, support, and empowerment that allows teams to learn, practice, and integrate new behavior over time.

Improve team dynamics by addressing real and relevant issues.

Manage the collective mix of attitudes in tough scenarios.

Build a team life support system

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