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A Coaching Niche is the specialty you want to own and work with your clients with. It can be health, finance, sales, leadership, life, management, career, etc. So, the coaching niche is an expanding market within the coaching specialties. It is like the big fish in the small pond.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • What is a Coaching Niche?

    • Why is a Niche important in a Coaching Career?

    • Questions to Ask Yourself

    • How to Build a Career in Coaching

    • Coaching Niches to choose from

    • Life Coach

    • Executive Coach

    • Leadership Coach

    • Health and Wellness Coach

    • Internal Coach

    • Parent Coach

    • Corporate Coach

    • Career Coach

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    Discover the different areas of Coaching

    Starting a coaching career requires cultivating a diverse skill set and a high degree of commitment. Regardless of whether sports, life skills, or professional development are the subject, concentration, persistence, and academic knowledge are required for all coaching.

    Finding a coaching niche is not an easy process and it doesn’t have to be a solo venture. There are so many niches to choose from that the process can be overwhelming sometimes.

    Thus finding a coaching niche that is specifically for you is in your hands and should be chosen wisely.

    To help you to make this process easier we have specifically designed this ebook to get to the root level of which coaching niche suits you the best.

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