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Leadership Development

Business Performance = Individual Effectiveness + Collective Leadership

xMonks has been at the forefront of personal transformation and leadership development for over a decade now. Over the years, we have developed leadership development modules, frameworks, methodologies, and tools to transform teams and individuals. In order to become a transformational organization that can grow exponentially and competes in today’s business environment, leadership has to be transformed at every level within the organization. We firmly believe that linking strategic and systemic intervention to genuine self-discovery and self-development by leaders is a far better path to embracing the vision of the organization.

In our work together with organizations undertaking leadership and cultural transformations, we combine efforts that look outward with those that look inward. xMonks’ leadership programs focus on the approach with which the leader approaches the task/ challenge in hand rather than looking at the end result. We take them through a journey of connecting themselves with their strengths, purpose, and values and work with them to bring a mindset of curiosity rather than judgment. We facilitate leadership development programs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa and other major cities in India.

All our leadership development programs integrate the following components:

  • Self Awareness– What keeps an individual/ leader away from transformation is lack of Self Awareness. Self Awareness is about taking an honest look at self without any affinity, aversion towards what is right or wrong.

  • Self Acceptance– One of the factors that can hold a leader back from being fully effective is the lack of self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is often described as a prerequisite for the acceptance of others and is a crucial part of establishing a relationship of respect & trust, a necessary foundation for leadership!

  • Intention Driven– We help leaders discover their deeper intention and operate from there. Leaders will well defined intentions steer the organisation and have a set of values to refer to during crisis situation and take an informed decision.

  • Practices– Practices help us imbibe our learning in day-to-day basis basis. Mindfulness practices, visualization practices, dynamic mind practices, silence reflection practices, Journal writing and introspection are absolute necessary techniques for a leader to bring in transformation and expanded consciousness.

Offerings at a glance

Our Flagship Offerings

xMonks has facilitated leadership development journeys for over 15000 executives including C-suite executives, senior and middle Management teams in last 12 years. Interventions around personal transformation, leading others, and business transformation

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Create a breakthrough & embrace a new mindset for personal transformation.

Transformational Leadership

Transformative experience to lead a different game in any area of your life.

Balancing Act

Acquire a new skill set and tool set and influence without authority.

Demystifying Executive Presence

Carry yourself with gravitas because your presence matters.

Our Clients

These are some of our most trusted clients who are true to us and always trust us in these kind of projects.

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What our clients’ have to say about us

“Gaurav is a simple person so he makes some very intense points in the most simplistic manner and that for me is what defines Him. I have interacted with him as a client, as a friend, as HR head over many years now and also started my coaching journey under his guidance. I can never forget “don’t do coaching, be the coach”. A wonderful human being who is absolutely positive, always helpful and passionate coach. All the best Gaurav and as you say “keep inspiring”

Regional Consulting Center Head - HR India

a Leading Telecommunications Company

“Gaurav Arora (GRV) is one of the most motivated and focused people I have ever met. His goals are lofty, by most standards, and his passion and commitment match. He surrounds himself with success, being vulnerable and open to receive feedback, explore unknown territories, go outside of his comfort zone and keep moving in the direction of his dreams. If you want a coach or a leader, seek GRV to support your momentum.”

Master Certified Coach and Global Director

a Leading Educational Institute

“Gaurav has amazing skills as a trainer and as a coach. He has never failed to surprise me with delivering solutions to very complex issues, in the most unassuming manner. He is a very down to earth person who has immense abilities to make you feel at ease within minutes. Highly professional and ethical in his approach to business, Gaurav will go a long way in the sphere of coaching. what moves me the most about Gaurav, is his caring personality to the human race. He respects people and has never failed to show immense gratitude for the ones who have supported him. I see a perfect mix of a good human and an extremely good professional in Gaurav, who will go a long way in making a very successful and able coach. He does full justice to his calling as a coach and I wish him the very best in his journey to helping many more individual’s not only to address their issues but also in creating good future coaches like himself.”

Chief Operations Officer

a Leading Law Firm

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