Coaching Competencies- The Gold Standard by ICF – Ebook

Coaching competencies are a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude that an individual needs in order to function as a coach professionally. ICF developed the core coaching competencies to help people learn more about the skills and practices used in today’s coaching profession.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • A Peek into Coaching.

    • What are Coaching Competencies?

    • The development of ICF Coaching Competencies

    • Principles of Coaching Competencies

    • The Updated 8 ICF Coaching Competencies

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    Discover the different world of Coaching Competencies.

    Competencies form an integral part of our lives. Competencies form the predecessor of success in a workplace, in life, and all the other grounds. They provide a framework, shapes our personality, and prepare us to face myriad challenges in our life. Even in the field of Coaching, they form the first step ahead.

    Keeping this in mind, The International Coaching Federation sat down to create The Coaching Competencies in order to provide them with a foundation for learning. This book is dedicated to providing all the concepts and explanations on the ICF’s competencies to bring forward the basis of the coaching profession. Come download this ebook and discover all the competencies of Coaching.

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