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Unleashes the hidden potential of Leaders to see the gold hidden beneath those rough edges

xMonks has been a pioneer in the space of Coaching in India for over a decade now. We use advanced methodologies to diagnose and identify the key challenges and proven tools, techniques and processes to align and accelerate them with the individual’s goals and journey. At xMonks, we firmly believe that coaching is definitely a way to tap the whole mind’s creativity and deal with an individual in a way that allows them to become more than they’ve ever been, or/and dreamed of becoming.

Our coaching engagement offers a sacred space for an individual to explore her/his thoughts with clarity and gain insights thereby providing a different perspective to address the situation in hand. The purpose of coaching conversations is to stimulate thinking, growth, and change that lead to action. Put simply, a coaching conversation is developing the ‘ask, not tell’ habit which encourages people to work things out for themselves and take more responsibility for their actions.

All our coaching interventions integrate the following components:

  • Unique Learning– The program factors in unique learning characteristics for the leaders to further shape their leadership style, helping them become trailblazers in their personal and professional lives

  • Collaboration– Leaders act for the benefit of the team, and the team acts for the benefit of their leaders viewing Leadership as a collaboration

  • Self-Exploration & Self-DiscoveryThey both are not always simultaneous events, but they both do have one thing in common and that is “courage”. It is important for successful leaders to develop a healthy bond with courage

  • Deep-Rooted Context– Development linked to uncovering the hidden layers of problems that can be addressed to deliver the business mandate

Coaching offerings at a glance

Our Flagship Offerings

xMonks has facilitated Coaching Interventions for over 1800 executives including C-suite executives, senior and middle management teams in last 12 years, and has helped over 15 organizations build a Coaching Culture. Offerings include one on one executive coaching, leadership coaching and team coaching.

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Coaching as a Service

Find your North star, align your values and crease your reactive behaviours.

Leader as a Coach

Coaching skills for leaders to develop and unleash team’s performance

Building a Coaching Culture

Build a culture that empowers your team & align business.

Systemic Team Coaching

Align your team towards a common purpose and hold them accountable

Our Clients

These are some of our most trusted clients who are true to us and always trust us in these kind of projects.

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What our clients’ have to say about us

“I worked closely with my Coach here in the United States. He is a man of integrity, intellect and work ethic. His patience and stability during the most challenging of times always presented itself when needed most. Many miles separate us now but when I need guidance and logic I reach out to him for counsel. A man of high quality and skill.”

Financial Services Consultant

the largest BFSI Organization

“I worked under the guidance of Gaurav during my coaching sessions. I was very satisfied with his way of coaching. He is an excellent coach and was capable to get insights to drive sessions for my specific goals. I admire him as a person as well for his openness and readiness to help in any situation.”

Chief Operations Officer

a Leading Non-Bank Financial Institution

“My Coach is synonymous with Coaching. He is not only a thorough gentleman, but also a great professional. He has been a big support in building Coaching as capability among Biocon’s managers. We have been partnering for the last 2 years in this long journey of creating. We wish him bigger success in the future.”

Group President

a Leading Financial Trust

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