Emotions-centered Coaching Program

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Emotions-Centered Coaching is a methodology developed by Dan Newby that focuses on the emotions and emotional understanding of the client.

This Program is For

  • Leaders, managers and consultants.

  • Coaches of all levels looking to expand their range of skills and offer a unique coaching approach centered on emotions.

  • Anyone looking to lead a coaching conversation by leveraging emotions as a tool.

Want to know more?

    About the Program

    In the realm of coaching, unlocking individuals’ potential hinges on the profound influence of emotions.
    Studies show that a significant portion of individuals grapple with emotional literacy, often struggling to articulate their feelings.

    This presents a unique opportunity to elevate your coaching acumen. Participants of this program will develop a practical & powerful understanding of emotions that is logical & can be integrated into any coaching model.

    Dan Newby’s Emotions Centered Coaching Methodology:

    In the realm of coaching, emotions are not mere fleeting sensations but potent sources of insight and wisdom. Our evolving understanding of emotions has led us to recognize them as a domain of learning, equally vital as intellectual prowess. Emotions serve as the energy that propels us forward, each one with its unique character and purpose, contributing to our emotional fluency and literacy.

    Here are key insights into our redefined interpretation of emotions:

    • Interpretive Energy:
      Emotions are the energy that drives our actions, and while there’s no universal definition, precise interpretations based on language and body cues guide our understanding.

    • Diverse Spectrum:
      With over 200 identified emotions, each carrying its significance, we acknowledge their vast range and individual impact.

    • Co-Creation with Thoughts:
      Emotions and thoughts are intertwined, shaping and influencing each other in a continuous co-creative process.

    • Inherent Nature:
      Emotions are intrinsic to human experience, operating beyond conscious control and constantly in flux.

    • Constant Presence:
      Just as our bodily functions persist, so do our emotions, ever-present and informing our responses.

    • Co-Creation with Thoughts:
      Emotions and thoughts are intertwined, shaping and influencing each other in a continuous co-creative process.

    • Navigational Tools:
      While we don’t control emotions outright, we can develop the skill to navigate and utilize them effectively.
      This redefined perspective empowers us to harness emotions as tools for self-awareness, understanding, and growth, enriching both personal and coaching journeys.

    What will you learn?

    • To articulate emotions with precision.

    • How to deconstruct emotions into their three essential elements.

    • To notice and employ various dimensions of emotions such as time orientation, direction of reference, and emotions about emotions.

    • To listen for the emotions underlying your client’s breakdown or challenge.

    • How to employ the Emotions-Centered Coaching™ model as a framework:

    • To fluidly weave emotional distinctions into your coaching.

    • To navigate your own emotions in the service of your coaching and life.

    What else?

    Participants will receive a certificate of completion issued by the School of Emotions
    reflecting 12 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competency CCEUs



    Dan Newby, PCC,

    Founder-School Of Emotions

    Dan Newby is a long-time coach and teacher working with coaches, leaders, and educators. 

    He is the author of 5 books on emotional literacy, co-creator of Emolitm Emotion Flash Cards, teaches online courses, delivers masterclasses worldwide and is also the founder of the School of Emotions. 

    He offers courses, mentoring, and coaching designed to expand his clients’ comfort and competence in working with emotions as a practical tool.

    Gaurav Arora, MCC,


    Gaurav has empowered more than 2000 people across organisations in India through Erickson’s coach certification program, corporate workshops, his webinar series, and live coaching conferences.

    Gaurav has over 6000+ hours of coaching experience and was honoured with the 2019 ICF Young Leader Award. His work is aligned with some of his highest values of gratitude, authenticity, creativity, collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation.

    Gaurav is also an international partner, faculty and Coach mentor with Erickson Coaching International.

    Praise for Dan’s book, The Unopened Gift:

    This book takes to the next level what Daniel Goleman started
    with EQ. The thirst for working with emotions is increasing
    everywhere we look. A must-read for leaders, coaches, and
    anybody who wants to tap into emotions as fuel for action.
    Dan’s passion of bringing ontological work into the world
    with his loving care for people and organisations is
    outstanding. I am grate-ful to have met him as a teacher,
    f riend, and business partner.

    —Mirko Kobiéla, Senior Director Talent Management at
    Adidas Group and Founder of Luminize: International
    Coaching and Consulting, Germany

    Client Experience

    “I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about emotions, increasing their emotional literacy and learning how to navigate their emotions in a way that will best serve them. This course is beneficial both for personal development as well as improving personal and professional/work relationships. As a coach, this learning will be invaluable.”

    Heather, S.

    Certified Coach

    Engaging Presenter & Facilitator:

    “I would absolutely recommend the training to all who would like to:get in touch with their own emotions learn to name and define what an emotion is and isn´t become more aware of the emotions in yourself or others and communicate clearly how emotions move us into action know how to navigate conversations and how to talk about emotions practice emotions-centered coaching with your peers and gain feedback.The beauty of coaching: the biggest gift you could give yourself (and others)”

    Lenka M.

    Business Coach | Change Catalyst | Organisational Development –

    “The Emotions-centered Coaching course with Dan was a great learning experience for me as a coach. I not only understand emotions better, but I can help my clients do so too. The coaching model Dan suggested is also very interesting to work with. The sessions were engaging, the books were interesting, and the cohort was engaging. I am so happy I did this course.”

    Farzeen, A.

    ACC | HR Consultant | Certified Hogan & Podium Assessor | Corporate Trainer:

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