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Coaching is a powerful vehicle that can increase an individual’s performance and help them achieve their goals by increasing and optimizing personal effectiveness. In a true sense, it draws out the hidden skills of the individual and helps them solve their problems.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • Coaching Models

    • Contributions of coaching to Coaches

    • Benefits of Coaching to individuals

    • Benefits of Coaching to team

    • Benefits of Coaching to organization

    • Benefits of Creating A Coaching Culture

    • Five Identified Areas of Leadership Competencies

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    Explore the different avenues of coaching style .

    Developing a perfect coaching style is like finding a perfect piece in a puzzle. If you are able to fit your coaching style to the unique needs of your client then you have found your perfect piece. If not, here is a guide to help you discover all the coaching styles and how you can use them to work with your clients.

    There is no right or wrong coaching style. All the coaching styles are correct. The question is which coaching style is ideal for you, and which coaching style is ideal in different conditions.

    Explore with this book the different avenues of coaching style.

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