How we got started

Operating from road side matar kulcha shops, tea stalls to building an ecosystem for personal transformation and leadership development.

Our Religion

Our intention is to hold the space for others with compassion where they can accept themselves fully and completely, operate from a space of Awareness, Forgiveness, Possibilities, Joy, Gratitude and live a life they never imagined possible. xMonks focuses on four dimensions of self –  Mind, Body, Heart & Soul which makes one- Human Being, and thus Humanity is our religion.

Our Story

xMonks (Formerly known as Inspire Coaching Systems) was founded in the year 2008 with a mission to Inspire, Enable and Transform beyond imagination. Over the years, we have transformed into an ecosystem where we bring to you experts from different walks of life who share their experiences for personal transformation and leadership development.  xMonks is a journey of experimenting, living, reflecting and restarting again everytime we fall.
We are partners to two international companies including Erickson Coaching International, and The Leadership Circle. We also collaborate with several world class experts. Today we stand for creating possibilities and enabling transformation for self and others. 

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Our Logo

The solid orange on top signifies the DOT i.e. Shunya and the Head of the monk slowly moving into expansion..

While ‘x’ represents executive, extraordinary, sword and the unknown, ‘Monks’ represent Centering required to deal with the volatility, uncertainty, challenges and ambiguity in the world.

xMonks brings to you the amalgamation of the Warrior and the Sage required to deal with the world, representing Personal Transformation and Leadership.

It’s time to emancipate and break the shackles! The Shunya, has finally culminated into xMonks. With the calmness of a sea and the tenacity of a tornado within, xMonks begins its journey into Shunya and beyond…

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem of world’s leading warrior monks in their respective streams for personal transformation and leadership development. Our aim is to impact 50 millions lives by 2025.

Our Mission 

To create possibilities and enable transformation to elevate leadership at the world’s stage.

Journey from a leadership boutique firm to building an ecosystem for personal transformation and leadership development

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Our People

Humans that hold this religion of Humanity together. We the People

Gaurav Arora


Surbhee Singh

Head, Client Engagement

Preeti Verma
Latha Bhonsle


Daksh Jangra

Designer – social media

Vikram Sheoran

Accounting Manager

Karan Verma

AssT Digital Marketing Manager

Archana Jaiswal



Content Marketing Ninja

Amisha Yadav

Content marketing Ninja

Aishwarya Nehra

Senior Client Partner, FRM

Dilip Kumar


Mahipal Rautela

Senior Video Editor

Gaurav Agrawal

Senior Client Partner


Senior Client Partner


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