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A Guide on Coaching Models Ebook

A coaching model is a strategy for guiding a person through a process from where they are now to where they want to be. Usually, it consists of a series of actions that are stated in an easy-to-remember acronym.

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The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

  • Understanding Coaching Models

  • Benefits of Coaching Model

  • Coaching Models popular in the industry

  • Different Types Of Coaching Models

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Discover the different types of Coaching Models

While choosing any path, the biggest dilemma that lies within us is where we actually are and our aspirations of where we actually want to be. This is a rather confusing state because we always assume that we are way ahead of where we actually are in reality.

This book is written with this dilemma in mind but with the backdrop of a coach in mind.

Coaching Models is a book that is written for those who want to learn more about how people think and why they behave the way they do, and, more importantly, how to use this knowledge to get the most out of them. This book is divided into several parts, each part discussing a different coaching model. To help you to make this process easier we have specifically designed this ebook to get to the root level of which coaching model suits you the best.

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