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Coaching is a process that brings out the best in people. It takes us to uncharted territories. These uncharted territories are nothing but those places we want to achieve, those lanes which we want to transverse, and most importantly, the places where we want our names to be written.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • Defining- Coaching

    • A Coaching Spectrum

    • Application of Coaching Approaches

    • Dimensions of Coaching

    • Stages of Coaching

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    Unveil all the Stages of Coaching

    Coaching in simple words can be defined as a human development process. It incorporates structured, focused contact and the application of suitable tactics, tools, strategies, and approaches to promote desired and long-term change for the coachee and sometimes other stakeholders.

    While the advantages of coaching are significant, this book will concentrate on the stages of coaching, laying out and investigating the different stages of coaching. Let’s discover all these stages of coaching for the coach, and a coachee.

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