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The Art & Science of Coaching

● Life / Executive Coach Training
● ICF Accredited Program
● Fundamentals of NLP

Module III : 20th-23th June, 2024 | 27th-30th June, 2024

Module IV : 4th-7th July, 2024 | 11th-14th July, 2024

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Become a Certified Coach

Coaching as Your Future.

Approximately, 2000 new Coaches get certified every year. Be one of the 33,739 ICF Credentialed coaches across the world in 140 countries. Executive Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing profession in the world. Organizations are willing to spend billions of dollars to help their teams with reliable and certified Coaches.

The Art & Science of Coaching, India

4 Pillars of Erickson Coaching Methodology


Moves your client towards their desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for dissatistaction.


Emphasizes the holistic nature of your client, seeing how positive change can fit into their bigger picture.


Allows you to trust your client’s inner resources and skills, respecting their agenda and future outcome. Coaching is an advice-free zone.


Pursues transformational chnage in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behavior and habit formation.

About The Art and Science of Coaching

Module I:

Module I : 20th-23rd April| 27th-30th April, 2023

Get introduced to the basics of coach position and equipped to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module. The focus of Module I is an inspiration around the central question we will explore is, “What do I want to achieve?” Module I Online comprises 8 live online Zoom sessions each lasting 3.50 hours with an expectation of approximately 45 minutes of outside class time work per online session.

Module II:

Module II : 01th- 7th May| 11th-14th May, 2023

Module II will provide an expansive set of tools to delve into your client’s question, “How shall I achieve it?”. You will learn time-bound, actionable and rigorously tested strategies to achieve a productive coaching relationship with your client.

Module II Online consists of 8 live online Zoom sessions each lasting 3.50 hours with an expectation of approximately 45 minutes of outside class time work per online session.

Your Coach Certification with Erickson also includes

  • Sixteen LIVE video sessions covering 60+ Hours of coach-specific training
  • THREE complimentary webinars dedicated to the batch
  • Open invitation to MONTHLY webinars dedicated to Erickson India Community
  • Open invitation to regular refresher courses


“It’s been a true inspiration for me to attend the coach certification program. It has been a very exhilarating journey.”

Dr. Aneeta Madhok


“I would recommend any HR professional, Business leader to take the first step as I did and join this course.”
Rohit Thakur

“I wish I can take this journey forward by implementing ahatever I have learnt in these 8 days and contribute to the larger goal of personal and professional lives in days to come”

Sukhjit Singh Pasricha

VP, HR-IndiGo

“This journey has opened up a huge new avenue, and I have had an experience that I probably never anticipated ever before. It’s way beyond I ever expected. I really thank Inspire Coaching Systems and Erickson Coaching International to organise this workshop.”
Rarindam Lahiri
General Manager ,HR – Samsung

Explore Coaching as a Career.

Coaching is an obvious next step of career progression for L&D leaders, HR managers, Professional Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Home makers, and self-made people. It could be completely a new career path or a new skill added to your resume. Erickson Coaching International is one of these advanced and visionary centers for advanced learning. In these modern ages of confusion and chaos, education must also include the skills of being a proficient leader and have a vision for the future. The learning system should bring into the culture the various practical methods for bringing into life visions and values in daily approaches to problem determination.

How to become a certified Life Coach?

Life Coach’ is a fast emerging profession that is accepted by businesses and professionals around the world. It is gaining demand and authenticity to hire a professional Life Coach in India too. A Certified Life Coach is more validated across human resource departments, leadership teams, enterprise and multi-national organizations.

An ICF certification with Erickson International’s coach training and mentoring give you global recognition. You can establish your professional career as a Life Coach with global recognition with India’s best Life Coach Course made available online.

Learn from other certified Coaches and dive into the workshop and curriculum that is structured by Erickson Coaching International. This is backed by and designed on the foundation of 40 years of Solution-Focused Coach training experience.

  • Join India’s Best Life Coach Course Online. Learn from Certified Life Coaches
  • Become Globally Recognized Life Coach And Establish A Professional Career. Register Now!
  • Become an ICF certified Coach with Erickson International’s coach training and mentoring.
  • Erickson Coaching International, 40 years of Solution-Focused Coach training experience.

Can you become a certified Coach?

  • No prior coaching experience required.
  • Any educational background.
  • Any years of work experience.

About xMonks

xMonks is an exclusive India partner to Erickson Coaching International for organizing coach certification programs. Established in 1980, Erickson pioneers ICF-certified coach training in the United States, Canada, and globally. Erickson’s accredited coach training in India includes the world-renowned program The Art & Science of Coaching and Team Coaching.

These programs are offered on-site and online utilizing the latest best practices in adult learning. Erickson is represented in over 85 countries by more than 45,000 graduates! Gaurav Arora, Founder Director, xMonks, is also an international partner, faculty and Coach mentor to Erickson Coaching International in India.

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