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Shifting Gears: The Journey from Inspire Coaching Systems to xMonks

Ever since it’s inception in 2008, Inspire Coaching Systems has been a force to reckon with in providing top-drawer leadership programs, experiential learning workshops, coaching and mentoring. While Inspire Coaching Systems has purely been thriving on vital values like integrity, quality, and gratitude, it has been fortunate to receive crucial assistance in its early days from a few of the most established organizations of the corporate world including Titan, Maharaja Whiteline, and Airtel. Inspire Coaching Systems initially began without an office, with its complete team, working from home. As destiny would have it, the time has come a full circle for Inspire Coaching Systems. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the shift in gears from Inspire Coaching Systems to xMonks, the whole nation along with xMonks, has been obliged to work from home!

Tracing the journey of Inspire Coaching Systems, it initially began as a boutique firm in 2009, providing experiential learning workshops on leadership development with an emphasis on personal and professional transformation. In 2012, Inspire Coaching Systems partnered with Erickson Coaching International for organizing coach certification programs. Established in 1980, Erickson pioneers ICF-certified coach training in the United States, Canada, and globally. Erickson’s accredited coach training in India includes the world-renowned program The Art & Science of Coaching and Team Coaching. In 2016, Inspire Coaching Systems started a social development initiative “iOwn“, which is a platform to connect coaches with Social Development Sector to create possibilities and transformation for the change-makers and bringing coaching to the grass-root level.  In 2019, Inspire Coaching Systems had the opportunity to partner with The Leadership Circle (TLC), to establish TLC as one of the most credible 360-degree Leadership Tool in India. It offers The Leadership Circle Profile certification to the leaders to become a TLC Practitioner.

Inspire Coaching Systems then accelerated the proceedings and launched one of the largest annual conferences, The Coaching Conclave, as a unique global platform for people to come together and share insights into the world of coaching. As the pioneering platform, The Coaching Conclave is an aggregator of thoughts and key insights into the world of coaching, providing an opportunity for the participants to interact with the domain experts to learn and share thoughts.

Fast forward to 2020, Inspire Coaching Systems shifted gears, to make way for xMonks. The journey hasn’t been a seamless one, but it was fortunate to have the support of family and friends, who reposed their faith in the brand, all along the way.  Our pool of highly competent team members always functioned with the aim of inspiring and enabling others to excel in whatever they did. We always aimed at creating a plethora of opportunities, for everyone around us. God has been very kind to us. It is only just that we give back, what was once, given to us”, says Gaurav Arora.

We had the privilege to speak with Mr. Gaurav Arora, the inspiration behind Inspire Coaching Systems and xMonks, and asked him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say about his journey.


What differentiates Inspire Coaching Systems from xMonks?

The logo of Inspire Coaching Systems was inspired by Dr. Abdul J Kalam’s quote “Waves are my inspiration, not because they rise and fall, but because even time they fall, they rise, again and again.” And as we are moving towards creating something bigger “xMonks”, we get our inspiration from Guru Gobind Singhji who conceived the term “Sant-Sipahi” (Saint-Soldier). In the logo of xMonks, the “x” represents the sword of a warrior and the calmness of a monk. It’s been an interesting journey of transformation from ‘finding inspiration’ to ‘being warrior monks’.

The transition from Inspire Coaching Systems to xMonks has come during a very crucial phase. While the whole world has come to a standstill, given the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have actually been able to create something as spectacular as xMonks.  You could call it a blessing in disguise, but COVID-19 has actually given us a lot of time to reflect, strategize, consolidate, rebrand, and add a few more services to our arsenal. From a leadership boutique firm branding to creating a whole ecosystem, we have actually delivered when the chips are down. That’s what we do for a living and that’s what we stand for – “Inspiration.”. We also believe it was our inspiration that led us to create an overwhelming platform of online programs, something, that was never a part of Inspire Coaching Systems.

How instrumental is xMonks going to be in defining the course of the coaching industry?

With a whole new ecosystem at xMonks, we wish to change the way the world looks at leadership development and coaching. As humble as it might sound, we are here to set the tone for greater tidings ahead. In the past, we were able to bring two major international conferences to India when I was on the Editorial Board and the President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Hyderabad Chapter, the only Charter Chapter in India. Back then, it was indeed a pathbreaking initiative. Similarly, for xMonks, our idea of leadership development and coaching isn’t confined and orthodox. Just as our logo explains, we are the perfect blend of the unknown and the extraordinary – the warrior monks with the calmness of a sea and the tenacity of a tornado within. Possibly, this is exactly why I say, that xMonks shall be extremely crucial in determining the path of the leadership development and coaching industry globally.

You’ve been a leader and a coach yourself, for more than a decade now. What is your message to all the budding leaders and coaches, across the globe?

It is really simple. I always say that “the journey of a coach is the journey of a human being”. To transform the world outside, you initially need to begin with the inner transformation. You need to be a hero, a role model to those who look up to you for inspiration, day by day! One must not only be an inspiration at the ‘doing level’ but also at the “being level”. I firmly believe that it’s a fresh start for us with xMonks and we are all set, yet again, to create and achieve newer milestones. For what the world has seen of us, the best is yet to come!


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