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Essentials of a Selfless and Sustained Community

Society is made up of individuals. As each person’s degree of selfless caring, empathic sensitivity, compassion, and ethical responsibility increases, a sustained community emerges. It gets inevitable. Selflessness spreads from dyadic partnerships, nuclear families, and small, familiar social circles to create higher levels of good will, unity, and constructive functioning throughout society.

Individuals increasingly grow greater levels of love and good will as they evolve psychologically by surrendering egocentric self-preoccupation in self-forgetful loving communion with those who are particularly near and dear to them. This gradually extends beyond their immediate social circle to include a caring regard for outsiders, ultimately encompassing all humans and, indeed, all living beings.

Warmheartedness and love unites individuals. It also generates goodwill, and eventually transforms the hearts and minds of all people. Making it less fearful, vain, harsh, and unconcerned about other people’s pain, and more compassionate, empathic, warmhearted, tolerant, and ethically responsible. Thus, caring human relationships and the energy of loving warmth or caring that flows between individuals are like the individual bricks and mortar. Metaphorically speaking, they make up the edifice of a healthy society or local, national, and global community “home.”

Selfless Service and Devoting Yourself to Humanity

It is unlikely for the average person to be faced with the decision of physically giving up his or her life in order to save someone else. However, there are many ways to support others that present themselves to us on a daily basis. The sacrifice could be in the form of our time, money, energy, or skills. But there are plenty of reasons to offer ourselves for the common good.

True selfless devotion encompasses more than just our immediate family; it encompasses all of humanity. Having feelings of love for all people, especially those we meet and those we don’t, is a high quality. One of spirituality’s aspirations for society is to improve the standard of love and service to everyone. According to the Sufis, God created humans to love and serve others. He had angels if he only wanted love. Humans, on the other hand, are the only creatures with the divine potential to love and serve others. This capacity is needed to become a full human being.

We are faced with a dilemma when it comes to selfless service. To truly perform selfless service, one must act without expecting anything in return. It is voluntarily given, inspired by a natural desire to support others. While helping others, one forgets about one’s own needs and desires, as well as one’s own comfort and protection. Our hearts grow as we support others. It extends its arms to welcome another human being as a part of the same human family. This act alone has the ability to open up our soul.

The message by our podcast guest, Ravi Kalra was “God has offered us a duty which we all need to perform, otherwise life can never be completed. And due to selfishness, we have given countless wounds to our Mother Earth, and we all need to stand to save our mother. Otherwise, one day we will all have the consequences. So we need to serve the mother.”

About The Speaker : Ravi Kalra

Ravi Kalra is referred to as Karma Yogi who chose the path of serving humanity. In order to heal the wounds of Mother Earth, God chooses few people to protect our planet and it’s environment. Ravi Kalra is one of them and is putting his entire being and life into tackling the challenges. He is a well known Karma Yogi, a social activist and an environmentalist.

He regularly goes on roads in search of abandoned senior citizens and mentally disabled people. He immediately brings them to his shelter home. Where he provides them with free of charge, accommodation, food and medical care. Presently more than five hundred such less privileged people are living permanently at his shelter home.

In 2008 he founded The Earth Saviours Foundation. It is recognized by the Government of India. He receives no financial support from the Govt but receives tremendous moral support from Govt. Recently Vice President of India Sh. Venkaiah Naidu Ji had facilitated him with the National Award 2019 for his selfless outstanding services for the welfare of abandoned and disabled people. His name has also been listed in World Books of Record, London, United Kingdom for his beyond compared services for less privileged people.

Ravi Kalra is also known as the “No Honking Man of India”. He is the first person in India to launch the “Do Not Honk” campaign in order to control noise pollution caused by un-necessarily vehicular honking. He holds the world record for pasting more than one lakh, Do Not Honk on the back bumpers of vehicles. According to the Sadhus and Saints, Karma Yogi Ravi Kalra is the only non-priest man in the world, by cremating more than 8000 unclaimed and unidentified dead bodies at the electric crematoriums.

In the year 2012 Ravi Kalra was conferred with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award for Excellence in selfless humanitarian services. Karma Yogi Ravi Kalra urges everyone around the world by stating that the self service to serve the less privileged is the most precious service in God’s eyes.

Listen to Ravi Kalra and his inspiring story of selflessness and service at the xMonks Drive Podcast.