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We spend our lives in a chaotic fashion. As though we simply expect to wake up every morning. We are unaware that we are born into the world on a daily basis. We are given a brand new day and treat time as if it were an infinite resource. There is almost an expectation that time will be unaccounted for, that it will be limitless.

The beauty of life’s chaos, confusion, and complexities is that it is raw and uncompromising in some ways.

It can be challenging to see our role in it. And, because life is not a product of humanity, there are no instructions on how to live a more conscious life.

How do I feel? How am I to behave? What am I here to accomplish? What is my objective? What is the message I am conveying?

Having a reason to exist is the ultimate question that each and every Human Being on the planet asks at some point in their lives. The reality is that very few people know the answer, either because they are not listening or because they are preoccupied with something else.

Thus, we can effortlessly drift in and out of living a conscious life. We can have moments of clarity when we are able to raise our vibration to a level that attracts others, but it is important to understand that this is not a guaranteed method of attracting positive energy; in fact, by raising your energy levels, you are guaranteed to attract people from all walks of life, both positive and negative. It is solely through conscious choices that you can filter the results and make decisions that set the stage for your life, and life will unfold in its magical theatre.

Learn to Think Consciously in Every Moment

Internally generated phenomena such as emotions, persuasions, tendencies, and even fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, and depression. You are in command of it. Your internal representation of the world is how you’perceive’ things, which is determined by your filters, values, and beliefs. This state of mind is then manifested in all its glory.

It is critical that we begin intentionally administering the contents of our minds. By being aware of how we speak to ourselves and what information we allow in, we can live a more conscious existence. It moulds our vitality, our being, our humanity, and our fate.

It is the storyline for the film of our lives, and it requires meticulous editing to ensure that the final projection on the screen of life’s stage depicts an engrossing storey that faithfully represents your true self-image to the world, and that people will want to see this film and each episode of your series again and again. You can count on it.

Administer Your Life Consciously

Consider each thought you entertain as a seed planted in your mind’s fertile soil. Now, the soil doesn’t care what is planted; as long as the seed is watered and cared for, it will grow and mature, providing you with abundant fruit.

Take note that the soil of your mind has no opinion; its sole purpose is to produce what it is instructed to produce, which is determined by the seeds you plant. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the most authoritative inner voice is heard. The most powerful and influential voice in your life is the inner voice that supports what, who, and how you wish to be.

Today, make a conscious choice to alter your thinking habits. Create a mental model that enables you to exert control over your thoughts, decisions, and dreams about who you want to be, what you want to become, and where you want to go.