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Tune in and Listen to Your Body

“Listening to your body” is the ability to tune into the way your body communicates with you. Your body is constantly communicating with you through various sensations such as hunger, thirst, pain, pleasure, lust, sickness, and emotions. Humans are designed to feel far more vibrant and wonderful than the majority of people today do. However, you will never improve overall levels of energy and health unless you learn to listen to and interpret your body’s messages.

Alexander, here on The xMonks Drive podcast is going to help you understand the secret of tuning into your body.

The World of Fitness

Gaurav:  How did you get introduced to the world of fitness?

Alexander: Well there is a story behind this. I think about nine years ago, I started having my own health challenges. So I decided to go to the doctor for a checkup. And he ran some blood work. He said, “Well, Alex, you’ve got high cholesterol, high blood sugar, you’re pre diabetic, you’ve got high blood pressure.” Then after some more tests, I had bacterial dysbiosis, and fungal overgrowth. I had 56 food allergies. That was a kind of a wake up call for me to count what was going wrong with my body and why was my cholesterol trying to kill me.

I started doing a lot of research into my own health, and kind of increasingly became disillusioned with the solutions that the medical industry or nutritionists, functional medical doctors were offering. It was generally good, you know, to continue living the life we’re living, but take these medical drugs or take these supplements or take these pills. And it didn’t really resonate with me. So I just started investigating and changing my lifestyle, looking at root causes. That really, really worked for me. I didn’t really want to take the drugs or take the pills. In doing that, I just became absolutely fascinated by the topic. I didn’t really enjoy finance. I really enjoyed health and fitness. I enjoyed reading about it. I enjoyed talking about it. I enjoy talking to other people about it. So I thought, hang on a minute, how about I quit this job, set up a new business that’s focused around what I enjoy doing. And that was it. That’s how I got into it.

Choosing the Niche and Targeting the Right Audience

Gaurav: So Alex, I understand that you primarily work with senior executives in the age group of 40 and 50. How did you come up with this target audience? How did you choose your niche?

Alexander:  We mostly work with people from 40 to 60. There’s a number of reasons really. One is that we find that people in that age group have already kind of developed wealth to a certain extent. Now they sort of realized it’s time to really start taking care of their health and from a holistic angle. They are willing to invest in their health. They really consider it important.

I think younger people in that, yeah, there’s plenty of young people that are interested in health and fitness and good food and diet, but it is more of a minority. And I think, you know, that the health and fitness angle may be slightly more skewed towards the aesthetics, particularly as maybe looking for a partner and things like that. So there’s more of a concern on looking good. We tend to work with people who are already married and have children. So there’s less of an issue with that. And executives, because you know, they’re busy, right? They don’t have time to do the I mean, I did like $10,000 of research I, I used to walk to work every day and listen to podcasts, there and back. So I did like two and a half hours, three hours of just listening to podcasts and audiobooks. But most people don’t have that luxury. So, we can really help steer them in the right direction, and get them back on track quickly, without them wasting a lot of time and effort on their own. Of course being you know, in my late 40s, myself, I just have more in common, right. Yeah, so you can relate with them. Exactly. And I’ve got kids, I’ve worked in finance, we, you know, we used to work late night, I used to do deals with the Americans from Singapore, which is, you know, the other side of the planet. So, you know, having to deal with, you know, different time zones and stuff and the pressures that I’m used to all those problems.

The Mindset to Stay Focused on Health and Fitness

Gaurav: What do you think is the mindset required to focus and stay focused on health and fitness?

Alexander: So the first thing we do when we work with any of our clients is work out what their goals are. And that’s really important to nail that down. Because if you don’t work that out, then it is hard to stay motivated in his style. Generally, people are coming from a place of having a problem that they want to solve. They have a goal that they want to achieve. And even if they come to us with a problem, we always want to turn that into a goal. Okay, so finding that, yes. Positive goal is really, really important.

Results are the Secret to Motivation

Gaurav: Alex, how do you ensure that an individual continues to keep his or her inspiration and continues to walk on that path of health and fitness when you work with those people?

Alexander: Well, it simply they have to see results. If they’re feeling a little bit, you know, we work with people with multiple issues. But if they’re feeling a little bit down, and they’re a bit under the weather, you know, not sort of feeling so great about themselves mentally, we can, you know, we’re going to test them and see how they can start feeling better and better, right. And we’re going to remind them of how they felt when they came in and how they’re feeling better later on. So that’s obviously going to keep people motivated. If people have physical health issues, we monitor that. So just like doctors monitor your health by drawing blood and running in a blood work, we follow a symptomology process, and we look at people’s symptoms. So by reducing those physical symptoms, you’re definitely going to start feeling better. So people need to see results. And that’s really what keeps them motivated.

Are you more curious to know how Alexander keeps people on the path of fitness? Listen to the full conversation at the xMonks Drive Podcast. 

About the Speaker: Alexander Mearns

Alexander Mearns is a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Wellness speaker, and the Founder of LEVITISE – Lifestyle, Nutrition and Fitness Centre.

After 20 years in the finance industry he left the corporate world in late 2017 to start Levitise, Singapore’s only Holistic Lifestyle Centre.  He looked for answers to fix his own health problems from the commercial fitness and medical industries so after many years of studying in holistic health, fitness and nutrition in Singapore, Australia and the United States. He set up Levitise to help people, like him, get the answers and make real changes from the ground up.

Levitise specialises in working with senior executives in their 40s and 50s by solving problems such as weight gain, anxiety, fatigue and poor sleep. By working on a combination of personal training, nutrition and lifestyle factors Levitise helps you solve your health concerns and achieve your fitness goals in an exclusive, private, safe and cozy downtown environment.”