Personal Transformation

Gallons of Gratitude and Happiness using NLP techniques

Not waiting for a journey to end

And happiness to find the soul

Moving along with it through bittersweet moments

And finding the joy in even the cracks of bowls.

This is what NLP techniques in coaching can teach you. You don’t have to wait for a moment to surpass to feel happy. Bad things happen to everyone, you just have to find your path back to stability. Just like you can’t always keep on smiling, you shouldn’t keep on cribbing. Find your way back to a happy, satisfied self through NLP.

NLP techniques are a set of approaches to training your mental self to communicate in a way with yourself and with others. We all have an inner talking self, before talking to others, we talk to ourselves. There is always a voice in our heads and NLP can get you more connected to that voice and bring light to your life.


“I just want to be happy!”

This is the statement we all say, but have you asked yourself a question, “what stops you from being happy?”

Our past experiences and insecurities get registered in our subconscious mind. We fear to explore more, we confine ourselves and relate happiness to something alien. NLP techniques help to eliminate happiness as an alien concept and help you get connected to your desires and be happy.

Some of the NLP techniques to harness happiness:


What if I tell you, you can be happy with just a touch or visual, gustatory response.


NLP can help in such.

Take yourself to a memory when you felt most happy when the joy filled your heart. Keep thinking that and touch your earlobe or press your fingernail and create an anchor of happiness with that touch.

Keep doing the same exercise with different happiest memories, and make that anchor stronger.

So, when you’ll feel low or depressed, just activate your anchor.

This is a very popular NLP technique that can help you get connected with different emotions, by placing different anchors.


This NLP technique allows you to change the state of your mind by changing your perspective of memories. This allows happiness to dwell in and substandard perspective to subside.

For example, you just had a setback, you were about to do something that got cancelled due to coronavirus.

You can think of it as a failure or crib about the fact.


According to NLP, think of it as it was something that wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place and utilise the time to upskill yourself and achieve better goals.


This technique is about Meta- modelling and challenging your limiting beliefs.

For example, I can’t compete with them.

People don’t find me useful.

Challenge these beliefs, Who are these people? Why do I believe them?

Change your Can’t to Can, you don’t have to depend on people to tell you your worth, you have to change your belief system by challenging them and working on yourself.

In this NLP technique when you’ll challenge yourself and your beliefs, you can overcome negative thoughts and be your satisfied happy self.

Through various NLP techniques, we can challenge our behaviours, beliefs, values and work on them, be our happy self. We can’t be happy always. But overcoming the dull life experiences can be your thing, you just have to learn to get away from that phase and be in a stable emotional/mental state and experience the joy of life even in the bitter moments.

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