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Home » Blog » 5 ways in which Coaching can help CEOs beat the COVID-19 stress

Entering into the new normal, it’s now time to tie your seat belts and push yourself to the next level. A coach will get you out there with your masks on!

Seven months of these unprecedented pandemic times affected emotional well-being as well as caused turbulence in the work-life balance. At times of stress, the strategic part of the brain slows down. As a CEO you can’t afford that anymore. You need to plan and execute to sustain the new normal.

The Motto of this masked unfamiliar world must be “Stay coached, don’t stress, and start progressing”. 

As a leader, 5 habits you can adopt from coaching to deal with COVID-19 stress and get into the business.


The covid-19 situation has caused everyone being confined in their headspace. You might convey something that might get interpreted differently.  As a leader, you can’t blame them for misinterpretation. You are responsible for your words.

Don’t you stress out! Coaching techniques can help you with it.

Hone your communication skills. Everyone’s working remotely these days. In order to communicate your strategies in a better way, use PPT’s and other visual aids. Start using short and crisp sentences.

Coaching conversations can help you let go of several emotional blockages. Wherein, a coach asks you questions, making you discover your limiting beliefs. Why do you think so? What made you think in a particular direction?  What can be done???

Answering these questions can make you discover the reasons for detachment and causes of certain irrational behaviours. It can be life-transforming.


In times like these, we are feeling emotions. We try and neglect them by diverting our minds. But they still are there in our subconscious minds and would affect our decision-making ability until we address these emotions.

When you get connected to a coach, they would ask you to recognise and communicate the emotions. When you talk about your triggers, how and what you feel, what makes you think in a certain way, it helps. It would eventually make you feel better and would help you compose strategies more efficiently.

The idea is to understand your emotions before getting into the leadership role, each day.


Accepting we can’t control every situation around us is the first step. The Covid-19 situation isn’t in our hands. But, you can control your situation and your company’s condition based on the surroundings.

Asking yourself a coaching- focused question: “How can this situation be used in an efficient way to reach my goals?”

Then using the situation, strategising a plan towards it and applying it with your team. A coach can help you unleash your unproductive energies. Coaching can help you gain control of your situation by getting self-aware.


Don’t overload your brain with unnecessary add-ups with all the stress and traumas. All unfinished tasks from, ‘previous projects pre-Covid’ to ‘Buying a desk’, causes the same overload to the brain, as the brain takes it all up as unfinished business.

You can instead, “Identify the tasks, organise schedules, work on them.” Getting all the tasks to be done into a planner smoothens the process.

Tying-up open loops mean analyzing the unfinished tasks and listing them as necessary or to be done later. Organising gives control to the ‘thinker’ of our body and frees up the mental space that reduces stress.


With the pandemic causing havoc worldwide, lives getting lost each second, and every person sitting in front of the news channel can limit one’s perspective and ability to think beyond this situation.

In these unprecedented times, when each one of us is working remotely, the CEO has an extra feather to keep the team glued. Coaching techniques like visualization and mindfulness meditation can amp-up your spirits and help you look towards a different perspective towards your personal and professional life. With a calm mind, you can achieve heights.

Getting connected to an Executive Coach and using these set of tools and techniques can help you let go of the stress and look at the other side of situations. xMonks can help you with it, you can collaborate with our coach and open your mind to walk tall into the new normal.