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Reality is not reality unless it bears the marks of pure self consciousness throughout its structure.

The sum total of the ancient discoveries about the human mind incorporates all experiences into consciousness while maintaining it as separate from and unaffected by them. We encounter this nature of consciousness in a variety of terms and expressions.

Read here to know how to level up from Experiences to Expression and finally bring Expansion.

From Experiences to Expansion

Consciousness illuminates both awake and asleep individuals (walking and sleep states), but also extends beyond them. Consciousness can also be expressed in terms of the tripartite mental faculties of intelligence (prajana), emotion (ctas), and resolution (dhti). As such, it manifests as cognition, affection, and conation. Consciousness is the eternal—atma—, light, and life breath that pervades all beings and without which nothing can be accomplished. Internal knowledge combined with external knowledge results in a complete comprehension of reality. It provides an integral perspective through which the discordant notes of experience can be brought into harmony. Similarly, it advocates for the complete expression of personality via interpretative pathways.

It is believed that teachings can shape and strengthen an individual’s character. Individuals are merely victims of circumstances, influenced solely by contextual pressures, and are easily induced to fall short of the ideals of virtue and fortitude.

What each experience has in common is that, once we are through that, there is a need to express it.

To express is to completely realise. A coach is both at the receiving end and the sending end during a coaching presence. Your coachee may be not able to wrap his head around a thought or experience. Expression is not mere clothing on the outside. There is a process to build up the art of expression. It is teleological.

This movement from vague state to a state of clarity, from inadequate to adequate understanding is the expansion. The expansion is facilitated only when it emerges from a Shunya state. The essential meaning of any expression is lost, if it is not separated from pre existing thoughts. To come to such clarity one needs to go to a state where there is nothingness. That state is Shunya. Meaning is alone at the outer and the inner. Meaning is conscious and expressive.

Consciousness and Infinite Human Mind Expression

Day to day existence implies taking such an integrative view of life and its management.

While situational pressures can have an effect on human beings, we emphasise the fact that conscience can be shaped and strengthened through instruction and training to withstand the pressures of the situation. In reality, certain facets of an individual’s character have the potential to significantly alter the established world order.

A coach helps people live a comprehensive life, where there is open space to express feelings, urges, passions and joys. To them the external nature is not a rival to the inner aspirations, but a medium for free expression.

When we struggle to express, we also struggle to understand.

Consciousness is essentially related to expression. In your own coaching presence, you need to be articulate about a person. At the same time multiple expressions hit you. A coach rejects many before coming up with one correct expression, “Aha, this is what I was trying to figure.”

What was initially an incomplete, indecisive insight finds its completion in expression.

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