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Connections Emerging From a Shunya to Expansion

Humans have amassed an incredible amount of influence over life on Earth. However, despite the fact that we could be doing something creative, compassionate, and connecting, we are doing the exact opposite in far too many ways. Fortunately, the human mind offers an incredible opportunity to alter our current path.

And as coaches, we have the opportunity to leverage our abilities and knowledge to help our field address some of the most pressing issues. However, tapping into the mind to effect large-scale change requires educating people about the distinction between the mind and the brain. The mind is much more than that: it is the mechanism by which we are connected to everyone and everything on this planet.

And this energy—from which the mind emerges and is not constrained by the skull or skin—is best understood as the flow of possibility into reality.

What does that even mean?

To be sure, energy comes in a variety of forms, including light and sound. Chemical energy and electrical energy are both forms of energy. It varies in shape, location, intensity, frequency, and form. However, what all of these forms have in common is the progression from possibility to reality.

To move away from self-centered connections and toward values-based connections.

What does that mean in the coaching community?

Isn’t our work, after all, about this transition from possibility to reality? As a coach, you have the opportunity to draw your clients’ attention to the complex systems that exist not only within the body, but also within their relationships with other people and the planet. And by examining energy flow in a complex system, you realise that one aspect of a complex system, self-organization, can be optimised.

As coaches, we understand that systemic change occurs from the inside out. You alter a system by altering the minds of the human beings who comprise it. Thus, you may work with clients individually, in groups, or with families—and you may also work in the community.

We all get lost in the process of defining reality and believing that we are distinct. We consider the self to be a singular noun rather than a plural verb. That sense of connectedness is something you can cultivate within yourself, your clients, and your community. As with the aspen grove, our interconnection is based on a common root ball.

If you’re unsure how to begin making social connections, look inward first. What are your passions or pursuits? What types of personalities do you naturally gravitate toward? Make time to become involved in your community by volunteering or joining a club or social organisation, and if you meet a potential friend, arrange to spend time with them. Bear in mind that while social connections that benefit your overall health and well-being can begin with lattes or a shared meal, they take time and effort to develop. Developing strong, healthy relationships with others requires being vulnerable, actively listening, and willing to share what you’re going through. These connections have the potential to alter the course of your life.

To join this journey to broaden curiosity and appreciate the energy that can only emerge with Connection, give us a chance to welcome you at The Coaching Conclave 2021.