Do you want to create balance and peace at home by leveraging Coaching? Webinar By Nadezhda Mihaylova, PCC – 5th May 2020, ICW2020

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With globalisation picking up pace, everyone wants to be out on the turf, to prove their mettle; thereby making a name for themselves, on a global platform. In a bid to achieve global recognition, we often tend to compromise on our health, happiness, core values and even go to the extent of compromising on our family-time and relationships with people around. As fate would have it, even after putting everything at stake, we might not be able to achieve, all we wish to!

As a result, most of us, end up in state of depression, while the others lose faith in their journey. What we often forget, that our biggest transformation, begins at home. It’s our relationship with our parents, children and siblings that tends to form a major of our core. It’s something, that might seal our fate, as a businessman, sportsperson, leader, coach et al. Nadezhda Mihaylova, is someone, who has championed the cause of building healthy relationships at home, by leveraging coaching. She has mastered the art of bringing Coaching in your parenting. It gives us immense pride to associate with Nadezhda Mihaylova, at the ICW 2020, beginning from the 4th – 10th May, 2020.

Nadezhda, shall be holding a space to instil a new perspective to parenting. In addition to it, she shall also be displaying the art of learning to develop solution-focused parenting that is vital for the survival and well-being of families in the current global situation. According to her, the only way to battle the crisis is to switch from problems-provoking communication to meaningful and inspiring conversations.

However, before we discuss about parenting-solutions and family relationships, let’s trace Nadezhda’s journey, as a solutions-focused coach and a coaching skills trainer. Nadezhda has been instrumental in coaching brave leaders and teams who challenge the status-quo and dare to make a difference in their sphere of influence and in the world. She also happens to be an international trainer and mentor for the world-renowned ICF accredited training program – The Art & Science of Coaching of Erickson Coaching International. To learn more about the art of coaching and the finesse that it tags along, you could visit this link.

To add to the tally, she teaches solution-focused communication and values-based coaching to leading companies in various high-paced businesses all over the world. With 20 years of experience under her belt in enhancing personal growth and leadership potential, Nadezhda also has completed 10 successful years of leading and empowering high performing teams. She’s also very adept with various approaches in enabling peak achievements.

As simple as they might appear to be, these parent as coach programs happen to be a powerful tool, to nurture healthy relationships at home. Listed below are a few chief benefits of such parent as coach programs have been listed below:

  • Discover approaches you can use to assist your child to develop from an emotionally-centred child into a confident, possibility-oriented and loving adult.
  • Gain and practice simple coaching skills to create trust, listen deeply and ask the kind of questions that connect your child to their developing abilities.
  • Create effective short and long-term agreements with your child that are mutually beneficial and support their growth.
  • Develop the capacity to access and remain in a resourceful mindset during otherwise tense and difficult moments with your child.
  • Gain the ability to support and challenge your child in a positive way with communication techniques that allow for sincere and honest conversations.
  • Practice powerful story telling to engage your child’s imagination, develop their cognitive abilities as well as, encourage a deep, loving connection between you and your child.
  • Discover how to hold space for your child’s own self-empowerment which supports them in developing themselves as their own leader.

In a nutshell, our journey to conquer all that we are destined to, begins with the success we attain at home, as a parent, child or a sibling. Often, the greatest of triumphs, had a humble beginning. This ICW 2020, join us with Nadezhda Mihaylova, to discuss your journey as a successful parent. Remember, it’s only when you succeed as a parent, will you be able to pass on essence of success, to your children!

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