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Home » Blog » The Role of AI in Coaching and Leadership Development

These are amazing times that we have been living in! From fast cars to drones, manual labour has finally paved way for an industrial revolution that could possibly be termed as the fourth industrial revolution. The cohesive process of automation through robotics and AI has had a major global impact. Industries are now training individuals, to work in a condensed environment, with AI systems and robotics. Besides, with the world reeling under the Covid19 crisis, almost every business sector is tilting towards AI and online learning, that symbiotically assists the company and the consumer as well. Least to say, the leadership development and coaching fraternity has been quick in acclimatizing to this change.

The force of AI though, does not signify that manual work-force will become absolutely redundant and obsolete. It is a mere integration between AI and manual labour, that is going to benefit the coaching industry, to the hilt. It is to be remembered, that AI in coaching is just to accelerate the coaching process and not to get rid off the human touch, that is capable of weaving magic. The IT era was initially overwhelmed by the introduction of the dotcom process, followed by the expansive storage capacity of our systems. This has created a conducive environment, where the AI and human workforce, can peacefully co-exist, by leveraging each other’s potential.

Sea difference between a coach and an AI Assistant

Currently, we are in the final stage of evolution, where we need to consolidate and synthesize all the data, that we have, at our disposal. It is here, that the role of a coach, plays a sheet-anchor role. The AI Assistant, for sure, is highly regarded, when it comes to providing assistance to the online learning processes. However, it is the coach, who gets to decide the kind of data, that is to be consumed by the online audience. At a finer level, it is the prerogative of the coach to separate high-quality content from the clutter, lying around. This requires an in-depth analysis and insights, and it is exactly here, where the role of an AI Assistant, is trammelled.

The argument though, on the flipside, has been about how the era of robotics, industrialization and digitization, has opened up a lot more avenues and opportunities, in the last years. In fact, today, several jobs like data science, web security that did not exist ten years ago, have popped up and triggered jobs and opportunities, for the masses. However, we are still in the testing-phase and the effectiveness of such opportunities, remains to be gauged.

Does the coach need coaching too?

As odd as it might sound, the AI Assistant too needs to be given a computerized feedback, on the progress of online coaching sessions. A computer-like routine, will only mean, that the AI Assistant isn’t yet ready to take the feedback of the online audience; thereby nullifying the effect of the AI, on the coaching fraternity. We are bound to succeed, if we permit the AI Assistant to be our coach. However, it is to be ensured that the AI Assistant is being given the right kind of coaching, by the coaches too.

Horses for courses policy for the coaching industry

One size does not fit all and the same goes for the coaching industry too. The coaches need to understand the behavioural patterns of every individual, before finally customising an online coaching program, for every individual. The same data, then could be fed in an AI Assistant, thereby signifying a win-win situation for all the three parties, involved in the process.

Emotional Intelligence over Artificial Intelligence

The human ability to feel the ecosystem around, study behavioural patterns and act accordingly, cannot be mistaken for human frailty. It is to be understood, that the entire coaching fraternity typically thrives on behavioural patterns, mental-health and psychological well-being. In fact, the key to success is to leverage human emotions in such a way, that it can easily adapt itself, to the population around. This is something where the Artificial Intelligence is branded as incapacitated. The environment around, might take a toll on the human body and emotions, after a passage of time. However, that is exactly what allows humans to maintain to their humanness and score above the artificial intelligence quotient.

Humans and Robots- The need to co-exist

It is to be understood at the outset, that robots were made to make the lives of human beings easier and not to replace them. It will be unreasonable to think that robots can replace the thinking- capacity, creativity, analytical skills and the problem-solving ability of humans. However, it is heartening to believe in the fact that, technology can actually make the world a better place to live in through seamless execution of day-to-day duties, only if coached precisely, by a human being.

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