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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I want to change myself” – Rumi.

We live in a world of constant movement where not only the land moves but alongside people change, relations change, and above all human elements change. Even the human brain is so dynamic that it produces behavioral aspects that change at different time scales. We try to resist and move past this change often because we feel warmth in the constant. When we fail we try to move through it, but the result falls flat. 

This is where the devil of negativity sweeps in, takes pace, and grabs us by its horns. We lose our stance and our presence becomes negligible. Stop right there! We are going wrong. This is where we need to start in a good place to make a positive difference to examine how we show up and discover ways to express our multifaceted human potential. This, in turn, allows us to bring out the best in others and promote global flourishing with a positive touch.

Attaining full presence comes with conscious states (the waking, dreaming, and the dreamless sleep) according to the Mā ūkya Upanishad. Human consciousness taps all these states of mind to create a pathway for the individual to receive maximum presence. Consider the conscious states like the sun, the brighter the sun, the more is the presence, the dimmer the shine, the lower is the visibility. Target the maximum light and illuminate the world with positive changes.

1. Evaluate how to present yourselves.

The process of being fully present and making a positive difference in the world begins with the process of evaluation. View yourself first before you start viewing the world. Coaches should evaluate themselves on how they show up and uncover ways to express multifaceted human potentials. This enables them to create a ground of judgment to discover where they stand and where they should be. This process sometimes can be prejudiced because the coach might think that they are fully present; they might be ignoring all the facets that present them to be void.

2. Exploring Global coaching.

Global coaching is an art that helps unleash the clients’ potential to reach important and meaningful objectives. It entails a wide range of curiosity, an eagerness to learn from various disciplines, humility, determination, and confidence in continuing to grow and serve with impact. This method allows you to bring positive changes in the lives of both the clients and the coach. It is related to certain coaching competencies such as: 

  • Embodying a Coaching Mindset to grow
  • Maintaining Presence in the global market
  • Evoking Awareness in the minds of the clients
  • Facilitating Client Growth through techniques 
  • Promoting Client Autonomy in the Coaching Process

Six coaching perspectives to help you tab the Global coaching market.

6 coaching perspectives are described in the Global coaching scenario that would help you enter the path of global coaching. Once you enter the Global coaching market your client’s growth will grow with you and the coaching process promoting a better coaching mindset.

3. Learning about multi-perspective coaching approaches to be fully present.

  1. Physically- Being fully present physically means being present at the moment with heart, health, fit, and energy.
  2. Managerially- Being fully present managerial means being present in the corporate structure with full empowerment.
  3. Psychologically- Psychologically present means being present emotionally with competence assertion and in a constructive manner.
  4. Politically- Politically presence means being powerful in the service of others through one’s action.
  5. Culturally- Being present culturally implies leveraging diversity for inclusion and creativity to create an environment of full presence.
  6. Spiritually- Spiritual presence is one of the most important ways as it creates meaning, purpose, and radiates energy into the lives of humans.
  7. Though relationships acquiring a full presence means establishing the genuine bond and deep interconnectedness between the relations.

4. Enhancing positive impact on others through a high level of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is a psychological state of being aware with the full focus of our different aspects, including our behavior, our traits, and our feelings. It is one of the first concepts that allows one to emerge and enhance the positive impact one has on others. By creating a higher level of self-awareness, coaches can be present for their clients with full focus and just understanding.

5. Deploy your multifaceted potential to revoke the best and others.

A global coach has many roles. One of the most important roles is to deploy their multifaceted potential to bring out the best in others. They use techniques and approaches that guide them to bring out the best in their client, which is their prime responsibility. We create a better connection with their clients through this process as the clients feel more valued and uplifted. The Global coaching method asks the coaches to use these potentials to bring out the best in their clients.

Explore ‘Being Present’ at The Coaching Conclave 2021

This year at The Coaching Conclave 2021, discover with us the ways to be fully present and make a positive difference in the world with different methodologies. Apply this method in your coaching game to increase your awareness and presence and positively impact the world. As coaches, use all your magic tricks in your bag for your clients to bring them to the stage of advancement. This process might be slow at some places but keep your spirits high to bring out the best in others.