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Towards A Conscious Community

While we were not physiologically or spiritually built to exist in a disconnected world, nothing has been done to prepare us for the challenge of developing living models that prepare us to emerge. A community that was once bound together by love and connection has reached a breaking point. Friends and relatives are fighting, humiliating, and isolating one another in our communities across the country. Healthcare, attachment parenting, compulsory schooling methods, and sustainable food systems are all issues that need to be addressed.

Community consciousness is the degree to which a community is aware of its current social, economic, and environmental circumstances.

As with activity, consciousness varies between and within communities. When a community is truly conscious, it is fully informed and aware of its current social, economic, and environmental conditions. Additionally, the community is aware of its people, economy, and environment’s history and has a well-defined vision for the future.

This thread that runs through all sorts of intentional communities is the conscious creation of connection, forming a support system, and sharing our lives with like-minded folks.

Goal of A Conscious Community

Although greatness is an evolutionary goal, higher consciousness recognises that individuals become great through their contributions to great communities. Conscious communities employ distributed leadership without hierarchies and rely on compassion, not competition, as a stimulant for growth. You’ve encountered such communities in a variety of your incarnations, and now you’ve come to Earth to reestablish them. Historically, the term “ruler” was a unit of measurement; it referred to someone whose worth was so great that the rest of the community attempted to “measure up.” It established the standard’s value, and this standard became the value.

Each individual is inspired to become their true identity while also connecting with the true reason for gathering… everyone’s reality and purpose become equal to their self-interest. This is the original definition of the term “community”… union with common units. As was the case with evolution’s original multi-celled creatures, the collective growth factor – and the stimulant for collecting – were identical. Everything nourished everything else — the individual was rewarded, and collection became second nature. As a result, the level of empathy recognises that whatever affects the community affects each individual individually.

Steps to Build A Conscious Community

 1. Choose to act from a place of intention consciously.

A partnership or community’s most effective starting point is a place of conscious and shared intention. Without intention, we are prone to swaggering along.

To avoid defaulting to what is familiar or the status quo, have a conversation with your team, or community members and commit together to being intentional in your choices.

2. Eliminate the need to satisfy the ego and gain control and power.

Our ego was formed and moulded as a result of rejection. Around the age of two, the child becomes aware that he or she is ‘separated’ from the mother.

This disconnection is experienced as a source of pain and a loss of unity. From that point forward, the ego’s primary objective is to manipulate, control, and secure power, whether subtly or overtly. This is to obtain what we desire, which is to feel secure and protected from experiencing the same deeply painful hurt over and over again. If we can recognise that this is our conditioning, we can begin to recognise it when it is at work and not allow it to run unchecked.

The next time you’re internally plotting the best strategy for achieving your goals, check in with yourself and simply acknowledge that you’re doing so. This does not mean you are doing anything wrong, but being aware and honest with yourself gives you more leverage to make the group’s best choice, which may or may not coincide with your current plans.

3. Happiness cannot exist for me unless it exists for you.

We are all entangled in this. Even if you are doing well, you cannot be completely content if your friends, partners, or coworkers are not. Thus, collaborating for the greater good of all is the surest way to ensure your own and others’ happiness.

The greatest joy occurs when we contribute meaningfully to the lives of others.

4. A conscious, intentional community requires a compelling, all-encompassing vision.

Being a part of a community is inevitably challenging at times. A compelling, shared vision acts as the glue that holds us together when our egos desire to fight, flee, or avoid. When we are in difficulty, it is natural for us to withdraw into our own preferences, dislikes, or hurt feelings. A shared vision provides us with something larger and more significant to lean on during difficult times.

You can apply the same steps in your coaching practice. Explore the power of cultivating creative outlets and building meaningful connections with those who were on similar paths. By doing so, you will discover how community has such an impact on individual wellbeing; feeling a sense of belonging and bringing people together to thrive on this journey.

It is a very undervalued component of belonging to a tribe that resonates with conscious living – so it’s up to you to  decide whether and how you create a Conscious Community. At TCC 2021 our aim is to build and nourish development of such communities. Join us for The Coaching Conclave 2021.

About The Coaching Conclave 2021

TCC 2021 is a conference devoted to examining how our minds become polarised in the pursuit of truth and how we can reclaim a conscious community based on tolerance, acceptance, and love.