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Home » Blog » Moving from Confusion to Clarity – Webinar By Amit Chawla, ACC – 4th May 2020, ICW2020

“Nothing succeeds like success.” The definition of success though, might vary from person to person. While buying a swanky villa could mean success for someone, the other person might consider himself/herself successful, if he/she is able to impart education, free of cost, to the underprivileged children. However, there’s one thing, that’s common to every successful individual. HAPPINESS! Yes, you read that right! Our journeys might be different,but our destination is the same. HAPPINESS! It’s like having a clear vision of what we wish to ultimately achieve in life. It’s about moving from confusion to clarity! That’s exactly what the International Coaching Week, 2020,our speaker is going to talk is going to be about during International Coaching week 2020!

One such individual, who has mastered the art of attaining happiness, through clarity of thought and actions, is Mr. Amit Chawla. A clarity coach and the author of the best seller on Amazon, “The Clarity First”. What differentiates an individual from another is the clarity she/he has for what she/he is doing. Clarity is when you are clear about your intentions behind what you are doing. Talking of clarity and success, here’s Amit Chawla’s take on it. “The Purpose of my life is to ‘walk with the young in their pursuit of happiness and success’. I do that by listening to their story, learning from their passion and then providing clarity for future by using coaching process and wisdom gained thru my professional global leadership experience in the software industry of 3 decades”.

The right to success and clarity of thought isn’t only limited to young entrepreneurs. Age can never be a bar for those, who wish to be successful in life. Anyone, with a clarity in thoughts, intent and actions can be successful, regardless of his/her age. Colonel Sanders, the owner of the famous KFC food-chain, was above the age of 80, when he first inaugurated the very first outlet of his brand, in the west. The rest, is history. Amit started his journey as an entrepreneur and a coach at an age of 50. Today, Amit is definitely one of the sought after coaches in the country and works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, business executives and senior managers, in their personal as well as professional lives!

One of the easiest ways to sail through tough times and turbulent white water is by being clear. Being clear about what you care for, what you want, why you want it and with each question, you explore something that is much deeper and takes you closer to ‘who you are’ which is the starting point. Each one of us are equally talented, with the right amount of gusto in us, to go out and make a name for ourselves. Sometimes, in the process of doing so, we tend to become over-ambitious, thereby straying away, from our primary purpose and motives. Thus, it is here, that coaches like Mr. Chawla, come into play. They not only give individuals a sense of direction in their personal and professional lives, but also tend to get rid off all the clutter, that possibly, might be a barrier on their journey towards happiness.

The ICW 2020, will be emphasizing on the ‘happiness quotient’, before everything else. The platform will be hosting several other leaders and coaches, who, like Mr. Chawla, will be talking about the importance of mental-health, well-being and psychological safety, that ultimately shall lead to happiness! If you feel you need some clarity in any one area of your life, could it be your personal life or your health, your professional career or your spiritual health; then this is the session for you.

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