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Ho'oponopono Techniques

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 A prayer. Connecting with your soul.

The bond between yourself, others & the earth

Believe it or not, thoughts change into reality. And, what you perceive as reality depends on your perspective.

We have a story of someone who healed a ward of mentally-ill Criminals magically. If you know about Ho’oponopono, you would have guessed that it is Dr Hew Len, a clinical psychologist.

If this is your first time, here is the story.

Dr.Len was assigned to heal a facility of mentally ill criminals. He went there and did something astounding. He read the records of every patient at the centre and started healing himself having empathized with each story.

He chanted four mantras which led to a process of cleansing.

I am sorry

Forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Dr Hew Len, who cured a ward of insane patients without meeting them. He just went through their files and healed himself. Healing process involved thinking about the mindset of those patients and asking for forgiveness by connecting with them at a subconscious level.

According to the Hawaiian practices, we have a spiritual body, mental body and an emotional body, that are all a part of our physical body. We are all at different stages. The art of Ho’oponopono is to connect the three minds and process in healing the world by healing oneself.

Have you ever had a difficult conversation with someone who is not willing to hear you out? This could be with your family member or in a formal coaching session.

Bring in Ho’oponopono to clear the air and establish a trusted space.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono means ‘to make things right’. It is a prayer and a Hawaiian practice for forgiveness. It is a powerful mantra for giving you a clean slate.

According to Ho’oponopono, everything that is your reality is something perceived by your mind. Your connections, the people you know are affected by your inner-self. Your closed ones can have a positive impact on them because of your empathising nature, a simple smile can make someone’s day, a sorry can help, thank you have a different notion altogether in a situation. You have an impact on everyone you know.

If your mind can have problematic thoughts, if it can create insecurities, it also can solve them too. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian technique of repeating 4 sentiments that can give you full control over your life.

It all depends on your approach towards clearing your conscience by enchanting the manta of powers.

A mantra of four affirmations:

  • I am sorry
  • Forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

These 4 powerful affirmations hold a lot of healing strength when enchanted with feelings and emotions.

The practice involves openly expressing the feelings and holding the space for each other and exchanging these special words and cleansing your consciousness. Ho’oponopono won’t add happiness to your life but help you let go of all the negative feelings.  It brings you peace of mind.

Ho’oponopono: Healing others by healing yourself

Ho’oponopono practitioners believe that the healing part has to come within us. The negativity that comes within us only comes from the blocks in our conscious minds. Blocks are only caused by, ‘what we feel our closed ones think about us in a subject matter’.

The set of 4 affirmations can be used to foster self-love by shifting your energies towards healing and reconciliation.

Before Starting the Ho’oponopono practice

Before starting this Ho’oponopono mantra, the first step is to think about who you want to send these affirmations to. As a Ho’oponopono practitioner, you can send these affirmations to the people you know or even unknown. You have to think about, “what they feel about a situation?”

The healing doesn’t need the two people being present in a common physical environment; most Ho’oponopono healing is done from a distance!

Saying the Ho’oponopono affirmations out loud has a greater impact than just thinking them in mind.

The Ho’oponopono healing comes in 4 basic steps:

 1. I’m Sorry

Saying sorry and admitting responsibility is the first part of the healing in Ho’oponopono. ‘I am responsible for anything that has ever happened to me, or anything wrong that I’ve witnessed.’ 

The first step is just about accepting the fact that all the wrong things started within you.

2. Forgive me

Say, ‘Please forgive me’. It is a form of asking an apology from the universe, it doesn’t matter that you have wronged or not, it is a cleansing method that removes negativity. Asking for forgiveness is a healing method in Ho’oponopono that helps you move on in life.

3. Thank you

Keep saying thank you repetitively. Gratitude towards the universe is an important part of the healing process in Ho’oponopono. Saying thank you for all the forgiveness, thank you for all the change within you, thanks to yourself for being who you are. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and must be said again and again to bring in the fresh air of positivity.

4. I love you

Say I love you to yourself, to god, to your body, to the sheltering house you live in, to your surroundings. Love is a powerful emotion, with love comes layers of warmth and security. Giving love is a caring and affectionate emotion that accelerates the healing process in Ho’oponopono.

Power of Ho’oponopono

Repeating the Ho’oponopono mantra allows deeper concentration. Repetition of Ho’oponopono also allows reprogramming of the subconscious mind for better healing. When you feel sorry, thank you and love deeply it helps you get rid of the clogs within you. The process gives in lots of positive energies. It helps in better understanding of your inner- self when felt enchanting Ho’oponopono.

The Ho’oponopono Mantra of 4 affirmations can be your road to find miraculous self-growth and actualisation. As you enchant the Ho’oponopono mantra you would discover comfort and security in yourself with forgiveness and love.

Does ho’oponopono work for healing?

Yes, ho’oponopono is an easy and powerful soul healing practice and it is worth trying so that you can experience the transformative potential of four simple, short phrases for yourself. Forgiveness, compassion, and peace are provided by Ho’oponopono to fraught relationships and can bring relaxation and healing.

What are ho’oponopono benefits in daily life?

You may translate the word “ho’oponopono” as “correct a mistake” or “make it right”. It is a practice that does not require much instruction, ho’oponopono benefits are such that it helps in purifying one’s body and getting rid of unpleasant memories or emotions that keep the mind in a negative tune in daily life.

Does ho’oponopono meditation benefit during depression and anxiety?

When you start practicing Ho’oponopono meditation, you will find immediate advantages in your personal life. Not only with your nearest relations, but inside yourself as well. The art of saying thank you, I love you, and the practice of forgiveness are magical tools that will change you.

What is ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian mantra that when said can help reflect upon oneself, incorporates compassion, redemption, repentance, and appreciation in four strong phrases :
I’m sorry
Please forgive me.
I Thank you.
I love you.

What is the ho oponopono story ?

There is a famous ho oponopono story about a man named as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who healed every patient in the criminally insane Hawaii State Hospital without ever seeing a single patient. To do all of this, he used the famous Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique of healing and regeneration.

How does ho oponopono i’m sorry mantra help in life?

Ho oponopono ‘ I’m  sorry ‘ , ‘please forgive me, ‘ thank you, ‘ and ‘ I love you ‘ chanting these mantras again and again. It turns out that these mantras help to better yourself,  enrich your life while you improve yourself.

How to practise ho oponopono technique?

Ho’oponopono Technique can be practiced with 4 simple mantras:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you

Which 4 ho’oponopono mantra should a person follow in life?

4 Ho’oponopono mantras that should be followed by every individual are:
I’m Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love You

Does the ho’oponopono prayer work?

The ho’oponopono prayer was traditionally a mantra of redemption for separated families.  It remains an extremely successful forgiveness meditation technique in the modern age too, both in helping individuals navigate through broken feelings and feelings of anger towards others.

What does the Hawaiian word oponopono mean?

The Hawaiian word, and the Hawaiian forgiveness process is known as Ho’oponopono.