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Are you a coach?

Let me guess, the answer is yes.

Are you considering taking the next step in your career as a coach?

And now for the issue… Not just any coach will do for you. You aspire to be a Master coach. An actual Caring Coach. A Passionate and Diligent Coach. A coach who believes in keeping promises to clients.

However, something is preventing you. You have made the effort. You’ve been trying since the beginning. You have read the books. You completed the courses. You went to the events. Perhaps you’ve hired other coaches. You worked hard. You have since long back. 

I want you to be aware of my presence. I hear you. I feel you. I know what it’s like to want to make a difference but feel like you’re getting nowhere.

If any of this resonates with you, you’re in luck because this blog is specifically for you to help you find your purpose, to help you move forward in your coaching journey. It will help you find the essence of your coaching journey. So let’s begin.

Looking At Your Coaching Journey

It’s often difficult to understand a journey, be it a spiritual or even a physical one. You see, the human mind has developed in such a way that we are so goal-oriented that sometimes the journey becomes insignificant to us.

In my scenario, serendipitous events have always opened the door for me. However, looking back, I notice that I appeared to be predisposed to such occurrences. I’ve always had a perceptive, inquisitive mind that is committed to getting to the bottom of problems and solving mysteries (I am a creative writer by choice). In addition, I was constantly aware of my inner world, felt a draw toward nature, and eventually have always searched for the truth for being a better me.

The reason is that we all have a version of ourselves. Maybe I am Shreya .01 but Shreya .02 is even better. See, there are coaches in the wide variety of the world. But some are just coaches and some are Master coaches. What differentiates them is that they have surpassed all the versions of themselves and reached the best possible version. They have constantly upgraded themselves to become a master. I know, it seems confusing but what I am trying to tell you is that, like software, at different stages, we embody different “Versions” of ourselves. Every time we experience a significant personal achievement, we update to a newer, better version. 

Now, the question is does your current version requires an upgrade? So, let me also let you in on a little secret: you will always need to update. You constantly need to upgrade your current version. 

Constantly. It never ends. Although it may sound tedious or exhausting, it is not. It’s a sign of a life well-lived with expansion and growth perpetually. So how does this connect to You again?

All of this implies that unless you move, neither your life nor your business can advance. The first thing you should consider when considering your abilities as a coach and business owner is yourself. Your level of success will be determined by your current “version.” 

Your current version will determine how many and what kind of customers you draw in. Your current edition will outline the influence you have and the income you bring in from your coaching business.

Higher Version Of Yourself = Higher Version Of Clients

Now, that you know that we constantly need to update our system, the question is are you willing to upgrade yourself? You need to have a willingness to upgrade. Because you know, if I tell you the truth, where everything is so fast and perfect that we only see things from two spectacles. One we are either perfect, and we don’t need to change (burst your bubble dear, you need to and the second who wants to change, because they see themselves being better. And this is what this blog is intended for.

Finding The Essense of Coaching in Your Journey

I’ll let you in on a small secret, we always think that a journey ahead is straight. I know, even the little human in me tells me that it is, but it’s not true. The best part of a journey is that it is never a straight line, but is always filled with curves and turns, making us aware of our spirit, laughing aloud at the bad moments, and moving ahead of all the bridges.

Similarly, coaching is a journey. It isn’t a straight line but I think it works in a form of concentric circles. Finding the essence of this journey is in no way going to be easy. You see, like the definition the essence is also different for different people.

But I think that coaching works as a framework for leveraging everything you have learned about yourself so far and all the great self-development ideas that other people have found to work. So how do we use that to find our answer?

If coaching is a journey in circles then to me, I guess, moving in circles and in the process developing our self-awareness is the core or essence of coaching. ( As demonstrated in the image above)

In order to find your coaching essence, you need to start with, examining your behaviour and its causes, then consider how you may modify and alter it to enhance your life. This is what happens in the outer circle. Then we get to the second ring and start to consider your views, needs, and values, which are what make you who you are. You need to evaluate, as a coach how your views, needs, and values are affecting your clients and the people around you. 

You can embark on the journey in one of the three stages of the third cycle if you have a firm understanding of who you are. Maybe you start by taking stock of the successes you have had thus far in life and figuring out what has worked. The next step could be to start looking into your choices. Then you’re prepared to act, which prompts you to notice your findings once more, and the cycle repeats. The ability to ask challenging and empowering questions to yourself that support you on your journey and reflect back into your self-awareness surrounds all of this activity. 

Your Toolkit To kick Start Your Journey

Now that we know what the essence is, you need a toolkit of qualities to commence your journey, which you can then build and improve as you go. These characteristics will keep you going and aid you in negotiating the road’s curves. Self-awareness, self-belief, motivation, and an impressive collection of potent questions will all be packed into your unique kit bag to assist you in reaching your goal.

Stocking Up On Empowering Questions 

Questioning is the most important element in coaching. Without the aspect of questioning a coach is left with nothing but just some thoughts. Coaching encourages you to resort to the habit of questioning everything around you that you first acquired as a child. Because you get into the habit of believing that your questions should be smart and reasonable because no one wants to appear foolish as an adult, you may have lost the practice of exploring and asking questions. Even when you feel like you don’t know enough about some things, you discover that you can get by in the world. To discover what’s truly going on for you, coaching helps you reawaken your insatiable curiosity. Invest in empowering questions like, 

“What will happen if I don’t make this change in my life?”

“How will this create an impact in my life?”

“Will this lead me to a greater good?”

“Why am I doing this?”

Choosing Your Beliefs 

We lead our lives the way we want. On our rules, on our demands, and especially on our beliefs. And these beliefs work in a wondrous manner. What I mean is that some are good but some are not. You have helpful beliefs about yourself but also destructive beliefs. 

For instance, I consider myself to be strong with language but tend to think of myself as hopeless when it comes to math. The positive belief provided me the assurance to write this book, which was a fantastic result. However, the negative belief makes me put off finishing my accounts, which is a terrible result. 

Coaching throws light on these beliefs. Breaking free from any self-doubt that prevents you from achieving your goals in life, coaching enables you to strengthen the influence of your positive beliefs while minimising or rejecting the negative, restricting ones.

Building Your Motivation

Values are positioned in the second inner ring of the coaching circle along with beliefs. Your core personal value is the guiding principle of your life. They are those chosen values that you choose to abide by in order to fulfill your life purpose. You are driven ahead by your core beliefs about what is significant to you, as well as, to a large measure, by your needs. 

As you work to mold your reality, you cultivate this motivation within yourself. Knowing how your values and needs serve you is a valuable tool that will help you advance.

Becoming Self Aware

Self-awareness, or knowledge of oneself and how one connects with the outside world, is at the centre of coaching circles. This is the most important element since it brings it all together. 

Your ability to understand people increases as you grow more self-aware, which benefits you in a variety of ways. Because you have a greater understanding of how people function, you work with colleagues more effectively and your personal life also benefits. The most advantageous result of all personal development is achieving the highest level of self-awareness, and coaching is the finest way to do this.

Self-awareness enables you to start altering areas of your behaviour that don’t serve you well, to pinpoint what actually brings you joy, to be realistic about what you can’t give up, and eventually to find inner peace and harmony with who you are and where you belong in the world.

The Essence Of Coaching

This is the essence of coaching. The collaboration of awareness, questioning, our beliefs and values. But do we really know if we are on the right path working towards our essence? Well, coaching often produces results that are hard to measure because they are qualitative (measuring quality) rather than quantitative (measuring quantity)

When you have the new contract in your possession, you know you’ve achieved your promotion target. What if it takes you a whole year to get there? There are always ways to track your progress so that you can go back at any point and see how far you’ve come. This is especially useful when times are difficult. It might be easy to forget where you started as you grow and adapt and set greater and higher goals for yourself.

If this is all you want. To step into your true essence, to step into your coaching essence and to find what coaching actually means to to you then we have The Coaching Conclave especially for you this September. From raising consciousness to finding the essence through coaching, the biggest coaching event of the year is going to go #extrAAA. TCC 2022 is totally dedicated to exploring and Tapping Into The True Essence Of Coaching ooops Life. Register now and stay updated.