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A compliment, a kindness, a way of a smile. I should leave people with something that makes their life better because they walked across my path.” — Patrick Hamilton

This week we welcome Mr. Patrick Hamilton Walsh on our podcast The xMonks Drive. Patrick has been a traveller and an explorer. The podcast is like a walk through of the hills. 

The Vicious Victim Mentality

“I realised that the biggest issue that we had in our society was a victim mentality. And what I mean by that it’s where people blame something else, but themselves, they don’t take responsibility for their own path through life”, said Walsh.

 A victim mentality is a form of dysfunctional attitude in which a person deliberately seeks persecution in order to gain attention or avoid taking responsibility for their acts. Victims of victim syndrome believe that life is conspiring against them and that there is nothing they can do about it. Fear, pessimism, and rage fuel this way of thinking, which leads to constant blame, accusatory finger-pointing, and pity parties.

When someone plays the victim role all the time, they gain a lot of control. The ability to stop taking responsibility, the ability to feel justified in being depressed and persecuted, and the ability to exploit others.

Mentioning as an instance from his own life, he continued, “so where I live, people blame the British blame the Protestants, they blame the rim, they blame the dog, they blame anything else, but their own, sort of their own self.” 

And so when I was 16, I had this particular insight that I would make one change in my life and it would change my entire life and change my trajectory which would go in a different way. And it was that I will never be a victim of anything ever again. I say everything that goes wrong in my life, I’m going to take all the blame. But everything that goes right, I’m going to take all the credit, it must work both ways, you know?

The Power of A Persistent Mindset

Life is about growing. Growing from experience, from our own constrained beliefs and fixed mindset. So is there a secret ingredient to having a growth mindset?

Yes, according to Patrick there is. The mindset should be persistence, the enemy of failure is persistence

“So the person who tries and gives up is the only person who loses or fails. The person who just keeps going back out of every day, whether it’s cricket, football, writing, business, selling, the person who’s there everyday and persisting and working hard to get better and better usually wins in the end. I mean, if we look at our sporting heroes across every nation, they’re the people who probably had the least chance starting off, but they just kept going back.”

Patrick believes a persistent mindset is required to achieve goals and dreams. 

The Philosophy of Going On

When asked about what his philosophy of life, Patrick replied, “The philosophy of my life has been to just keep going.”  

Just keep going. Because as I said at the start, I’m really on my own.”

Keeping his focus on the importance of family and friends, Patrick is also a people person. 

“I have to help the people that can never help me. All the money from my books that I read goes to help homeless people. Every sound always has always will. I have to keep going because I know that there’s a lot of people on earth I look at it holistically there’s a lot of people who look over at me even though they don’t a lot of the people, a lot of your biggest fans a lot of people who really respect you the most of the people you never hear from they’re just seen in the background.”

“I know for sure that they can teach me something and not sometimes that might be a negative thing that they teach me a lesson like don’t do that again, or it might be a really positive thing where they elevate me and bring me up. But no matter where I go in the world, I believe that all people are good.”

On an ending note he focused on the power of positivity. That even on your bad day you believe that you are enough. And that should help you get through. Life does not happen TO us. It happens FOR us, look for the positives in every situation.

About the Speaker: Patrick Hamilton Walsh 

Patrick Hamilton Walsh is an Author, Adventurer, Life Coach and Phoneographer.

After training as a Chartered Accountant, in 2007 he filled a backpack with what he needed, sold everything else and set out to explore the seven continents and meet as many weird and wonderful people as possible.

He can be found posting on Facebook, ranting on Twitter and pretending to be cool on Instagram.  When he is not studying Digital Marketing, fans of mobile phone photography may find him dishing out encouragement at his ‘Nothing but a Nokia’ page.

Originally from Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland he is supposed to be living in Dublin at the moment – but he could be anywhere on the planet hanging out with the locals.

To listen to this fun and positive conversation, click on the podcast link here