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We are living in 2020, the era of massive transformation. Then why not do what we have been saying for decades- “Empower Women”.

Among conventional societies, women were expected to be dependent on her father, then her husband and later on her son. And,  it still prevails among some social groups.

Today’s women are strong, they are self-sufficient. They have a choice, a voice of their own.

Yet, the glass ceiling is persistent, the gender pay gap remains and women have to pay pink taxes.

6% of companies on the Fortune India 500 list are managed by women.

According to the World Economic Forum, it would take 108 years to overcome the gender gap and 202 years to bring parity in the workplace! 

Besides gender parity, today’s women need to centre their spirits to:

  1. Believe in themselves
  2. Recognise their strengths
  3. Own their success

A women empowerment coach can help!

Who is a women empowerment coach?

A women empowerment coach helps women realise their potential both at the workplace and home.

A coach works on different human characteristics for their clients:

  1. CONFIDENCE: They help in nurturing confidence
  2. STRENGTH: They help identify one’s strengths and work on their weaknesses.
  3. LIMITING BELIEFS: They work on limiting beliefs by using various coaching tools and techniques. Help them achieve mindfulness.

How can an empowerment coach help?

Most people who have undergone trauma, live life in a complacent manner. The people who decide to do something about it can be benefitted by coaching. An empowerment coach helps you take power and the confidence.

An empowerment coach helps a client understand their emotional state. Helping clients understand where they stand if they are stuck. A coach helps clients get a better understanding of their emotions.

An empowerment coach can make you feel strong and motivated enough with vigour to achieve your personal goals.

Difference between life coaching and personal empowerment coaching?

A life coach works on specific areas of a client’s life. They help overcome the obstacles in the client’s life.

An empowerment coach works on the emotions of the clients, understanding their state. Coaches help their clients attract and manifest goals.

Skills an Empowered Coach achieves

There are diverse skills a coach gains from coaching. A few skills are;


The secret ingredient of being a good coach is communication. A coach asks several questions to the clients. These help them gain trust and properly understand the client. A coach has to be a good communicator first, to put forward their questions without projecting their own perspective on clients.


A coach asks questions that help clients ease up. They help in building a rapport. Then comes the questions that help a coach to penetrate in the client’s mind. Understand them. Following the questions that help them challenge themselves and reach their goals. A coach helps one empower through motivating questions.


In a team, there are people from all walks of life. Or as a coach, you might encounter clients from different backgrounds. The best way you can help clients is to not let any judgements in between. As a coach, you can help clients strip off their limiting beliefs. This helps clients empower themselves.


A coach must be empathetic to their clients in order to understand where they are coming from. A coach can empower their clients by being empathetic to their situations and helping them develop trust. This allows them to let down the walls they have created and put forward the blockages in their paths.

When you get a coach certification and work on yourself with a coach, confidence is something you don’t need to fake. Being an empowered woman isn’t climbing to the last step of the ladder. It is to take baby steps and climb slowly. Get connected to a coach and walk on the path towards your goal, and feel the empowerment.