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“Coaching Matters”

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Unlock your potential and sources of creativity and productivity.
Creates a ripple effect, impacting people beyond the coach/coachee relationship.

Meet Your Speaker

Tony Latimer

MCC and Creator of ‘The Coaching App’

Know Your Speaker

Tony Latimer
MCC and Creator of ‘The Coaching App’

Tony is a Master Executive Coach, with over 20 years experience working globally with leaders in transition. The transitions are for leaders stepping up into a new role; and for organisations undergoing rapid organisational change.


Tony is one of the few coaches worldwide who have been examined and accredited by the International Coach Federation (the global independent professional body for coaching) as Master Certified Coach (MCC) and as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) by the Centre for Credentialing and Education.

A naturalised Singapore citizen of British origin, his background includes 30 years in Leadership and Sales positions in Europe, Scandinavia and AsiaPacific in Technology and Software companies.

Tony has developed TheCoachingApp™ – Personal Edition which delivers success to coaches by helping their clients develop leadership skills, build new habits and create measurable behavioural change.

As a professional coach, Tony leverages his extensive experience to challenge senior leaders and their teams to achieve astonishing results. His approach to coaching has an emphasis on results and incorporates a deep understanding of the individual’s personal context and who they are as a leader. He has strong intuition and a powerful ability to help clients identify and remove self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

A believer in the benefit of a coaching approach to leadership in all levels of organizations, Tony is a constant thought leader and innovator of learning approaches. He writes frequently for the press and industry magazines, is a frequent guest expert on radio and keynote speaker at HRD and Leadership conferences. His Global and Regional clients include Multi-National Corporations and senior Government Agencies.

What you can expect from this session:

  • How to ensure successful transitions for your clients from one role to another, a country to another, and across organizations?

  • How to set up your clients for success and avoid nasty surprises when they land in the job?

  • How to coach young leaders, middle managers, or even senior leaders during transitions?


Wednesday, 28 Oct, 2020 @ 7:30 PM (IST) 

Stay with us for:

60 Minutes session (including 15 minutes Q/A round)


Yes, Coaching Matters!

Coaching offers a sacred space for an individual to explore one’s thoughts with clarity and gain insights thereby providing adifferent perspective to address the situation in hand. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur creating business, a leader managing a team, a homemaker re-discovering yourself, or a teacher setting yourself to transform generations — Coaching has become a language to reckon with. 

Coaching Matters is a xMonks’ initiative to support the global coaching community to stay in touch with the fraternity through a webinar series. Through Coaching Matters, you get to meet and interact with experts from various walks of life. You will hear untold wisdom, industry experience, personal expertise around coaching.

Know Your Host

In today’s world, we all need Coaching, more than ever before.

Coaching Matters touches the various facets of Coaching and how it connects with our personal day- to-day life. Coaching helps people tap into their potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity.

The purpose of coaching conversations is to stimulate thinking, growth, and change that lead to action. Put simply, a coaching conversation is developing the ‘ask, not tell’ habit which encourages people to work things out for themselves and take more responsibility for their actions.

Coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves your outlook on work and life while improving leadership skills.

Host of Coaching Matters

Gaurav Arora, Master Certified Coach, founded xMonks (formerly Inspire Coaching Systems) in 2009 and started a social development initiative “iOwn” in 2016. He is also the curator of ‘The Coaching Conclave’- an Annual Conference for Coaches. Gaurav is an international partner, faculty and Coach mentor to Erickson Coaching International and The Leadership Circle (TLC). Gaurav has also served as the President of ICF Hyderabad Chapter from 2012-2015. Breadth of his experience also includes hosting an online talk show, where he had the privilege of interviewing Sir John Whitmore, Janet Harvey, Sandy Vilas, to name a few. Gaurav has coached many TEDx speakers before they go, prepare and deliver their final TED talk. Gaurav has been honored with the 2019 ICF Young Leader Award.

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Bi-monthly Series

Breakthrough conversations, expert advice on coaching, demo sessions, exposure to different techniques, tools, and approaches to coaching.


Deeper and Authentic understanding

Perceive Coaching from different lenses enabling you to apply different tools available worldwide. Go deeper in our own ways of knowing coaching, doing coaching and being a coach.


Interact with Expert Coaches

Individuals who partner with coaches have reported several benefits, including: improved communication skills, self-esteem and self-confidence, increased productivity, optimized team performance

Designed this conversation exclusively for the Coaching community.

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring coaches who want to explore coaching as a skill or career.

  • Practicing Coaches

  • HR Professionals

  • Business Leaders

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