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Coaching is an inherent role of any manager at the workplace. Managers need to coach their direct reports and mentor them.

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Today, people thrive for perfection and competition. Running behind getting ahead of the person beside you leads to stress. Anxiety and depression follow you through the crisis of your mind. Being in a constant negative state pushes you towards the edge and might lead to unproductive work cycles.

Feelings of anger and anxiety can be substituted by feelings of gratitude and satisfaction through the power of coaching.


Coaching helps an individual enable change in the direction that one seeks. It helps individuals navigate with clarity.

Sports players have coaches to tap their talent and further hone skills. Similarly, business and career coaches provide a space to blossom.

Coaching is an inherent role of any manager at the workplace. Managers need to coach their direct reports and mentor them.  Skilled coaches offer instruction to discuss organisational challenges to challenge adverse encounters in an informal setting.

Coaching can also draw out talents or abilities that have previously been dormant., It inspires those participating in the process to find new ways to address issues previously deemed unsolvable.

Today we are living in an era of global crisis.. Stress is the byproduct of these unprecedented times and we need a coach more than ever in these times. 

Today, you will be your coach. No one knows what’s coming next or how long will this time of crisis remain…

The best we can do is stick to the basic techniques of coaching and sail your boat with those coaching tools and techniques.



Coaching can help you identify how you truly feel versus what you need to hear from your team and company.

Empathy is a powerful coaching tool that works best in times of crisis. It requires understanding the emotion of the client and connecting that part of your feelings with them.

As a coach, the idea is to connect with the emotion and help clients work on them through their maps.

That said, it is important, to be honest, and briefly express how you feel in a way that is positive and moves the discussion forward. Positive Coaching is what builds self- confidence in clients. As coaches, you can motivate your clients through positive coaching practices. According to the law of attraction, positive attracts positive. A positive coaching mindset will bring positivity in clients.


This is knowing what is in and out of your influence. Coaching can help you analyse and check what you can do and what you cannot control in the present circumstances.

Identify., For example, how you should plan for different events. Identifying your control locus can help you concentrate your time and energy on the things that you can impact. The idea is to be productive and mentally free from the pressures of the things that are out of your control. You can’t control the situations around you. But, you can control how you deal with the situation.

Work with your coach to discuss items that are beyond your control and build tension to come to terms with them.


Explore the tasks and your behaviour pattern you need to take first with your coach to identify them. Build a to-do list. Items listing can help you envision and arrange what, where, and by whom needs to be completed.

Consistency in working on the list of even the slightest of work at hand will help you come out of the crisis with flying colours. This will help you be ready with an action plan after the crisis ends.

A coach will help you channel your energy on things that need to be prioritised. Prioritisation will help you gain momentum and achieve your goals.


Communicating with your colleagues, your team, and your boss is important in normal times. The need to interact becomes even more important when a global pandemic breaks out. You also want to ensure that you have a communication strategy in place, now that you have calmed down and established your goals. To validate your plan, get a coach.

You can have all the plans in place but without the right communication, you can’t expect your team members to have clarity about the subject. A communication coach helps you improve your interpersonal skills and supplement effective communication.

Stress is an issue which in countless ways infiltrates our society. It expresses itself in the workplace, at home and in our relationships with others, and our loved ones may be affected as well. For the well-being of our society and ourselves, we should all take the time to re-evaluate our level of stress by getting connected to a coach today. We at xMonks are here for you to walk through the transformation during these unprecedented times.