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The world is in a topsy turvy state. Situations have just come up that have completely changed the way we used to look at life. People have changed, situations have changed and above all humanity has changed. These uncertain times have called upon us as individuals to “Reinvent the Future.” But where do we begin?

Humanity’s destiny and the upbringing of humanity’s future begins with us, in our homes, as parents. And we are living in a fascinating period in which borders are being redrawn, where freedom is being redefined, and where new understanding is being gained. It is up to us, the parents, to change what we know, how we believe, and who we are in order to truly be ready for this new generation.

So how do we do that? 

We begin with coaching. Coaching is all about recreating your life, regardless of past traumas, problems, or experiences, and, of course, we believe in making a difference in the world by establishing a tipping point for the world conscious, one conversation at a time. This results in positive change and progress for humanity. There is just you and your best version of a parent for your individual child as an ideal parent. No book, trailer, or schooling programme could ever be best for your child than you.

Parents as Coach

So, to begin with, what is parent as a coach?
First and foremost it is important to establish that parent as coach is not the same as parent coaching. They both are two different terms with two completely different meanings. Parent coaching assists parents in defining how they want their relationships with their children to be, as well as providing skills to help them build a deeper and more rewarding bond with their children. A parent coach can assist you in clarifying your parenting ideas, experiences, and objectives. They’ll support you when you’re doing well and confident in what’s working for your family. When you’re having a hard time, they’ll be there for you with empathy.

Whereas, parents as coaches are parents who are also coaches. Coaches who have been in the coaching industry and are now even helping out their kids to have a better development through the process of coaching are parents as coaches. Now the question is can parents coach their children?

Coaching Children

ICF in its code of ethics, standard 26 states that I do not participate in any sexual or romantic engagement with client(s) or sponsor(s). I will be ever mindful of the level of intimacy appropriate for the relationship. I take the appropriate action to address the issue or cancel the engagement.

So, because coaching your spouse, partner, or significant other might lead to conflicts of interest and confidentiality issues. It is not suggested that you do so unless you are certain that your past recollections and knowledge of your spouse, lover, or significant other will not interfere with your professional coaching performance.

As a result, they make no mention of children. But they’re quite clear in saying, “Are you completely certain that your past recollections, your knowledge of that individual will not interfere with your coaching presence?” So, if you can create that space for your kids where you do not operate from a space of past experiences, then you can be a coach to your child.

What can a coach lend to a parent? Positive attitudes, listening skills, relationship building, the skill of asking meaningful questions, a solution-focused mindset rather than a problem-focused mindset, and the way to build and maintain that trust over time with tonality, presence, and, of course, powerful storytelling, but not telling them the ending of the story, but asking them to finish the story, to tell their announced story, to draw the conclusion.

About The Speaker

Nadezhda Mihaylova is a professional coach, a mentor coach, and an international trainer on enhancing personal growth and leadership capacity with more than 20 years of experience on four continents. She is a member of the elite international faculty of Erickson Coaching International, Canada, and is a lead facilitator of the renowned ICF accreditation program “The Art & Science of Coaching” and the innovative program “Parent as Coach”. 

Nadezhda has a can-do attitude and is passionate about the solution-focused, values-based approach to business and life. She is a mother of 4 children (17, 15, 13, and 5 years old) and has been successfully applying the coaching approach at home since she became a coach 12 years ago. 

Parent As Coach is an ICF accredited course providing 21 CCE units. The program  provides extended knowledge and application in the following ICF Core Competencies: 

  • Cultivates Trust & Safety
  • Listens Actively 
  • Maintains Presence 
  • Evokes Awareness
  • Facilitates Client Growth 

In this session, Nadezhda will help us discover what are the four conditions for balanced family lives? How can we create safety and inner peace in 26? Can you really coach at home? What does neuroscience have to say about it? And when not to coach family members along with a couple of powerful coaching questions that you could test at home. Register now.