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From Sabrina’s Session on Coaching Matters

You aren’t coaching for your own agenda. 

The first indicator of a coach mindset is when, you acknowledge that clients are responsible for their own choices. 

It is when you realize that you support their definition of success and partner with them to achieve that end.

A coach has to make a promise that coaching is not equal to pushing your decisions or agenda.   

Here are some details from Sabrina Park’s session on Coaching Matters on 22 December 2021.

The Definition of Emotion as Coach

When you think about emotion, why do we have an emotion even though we do not know the definition of that? 

Many people think that being emotional is not good.

And I want to say we should understand the emotion as a coach. So I don’t take emotion as a good or bad thing because emotions are the energy to keep us in motion. People are very sensitive.

Human beings get our information through six senses. As you know, with eyes we see, with ears we hear, with nose we smell, with tongue we taste, our body and skin we feel. Our brain thinks when we see when we get the information. We get the information through these sixth senses. So, we human beings are very sensitive. 

So think about that. If you were in a forest alone, and there is a sound. 

How do you react to that? We would be very sensitive to the sound. We would wonder what happened.

We use the six senses to get information because to survive the purpose of which human being is also one of the purposes is to survive. So, we are very sensitive, that is the characteristic of a human being. You know winter is very cold, summer is very hot, it is characteristic of the seasons. Same goes for human beings.  

Last many, many 1000 years people needed to survive. So, they are very sensitive. We all are the result of sensitive ancestors. So, we are the survivors. We are very sensitive. 

Our clients are very sensitive. So, emotion is one of the ways to protect ourselves. So, we will feel sad. That means, our body and our brain also want to protect us. We need to interpret our emotions very well. It is very important as a coach to understand the people. So, coaches ease the facial expression and the way of the dress, it also impacts the coachee so they can open more minds to us at the coaching session. 

The Significance of Mother Presence in Coaching

So think about that. When do you want to see your mother? What kind of client wants this presence? There will be different feeling from coach and different feeling about the coachee so what kind of, you know presence you have just the think about

So it is warm so when I quote people when I show some warm energy, they cry a lot. 

There was a university student who was with me in the class and then I just met her and I just  hugged her. And said ‘Hello, how are you?’ It was just a hug and she just cried for like 10 minutes.

So our presence, our pure, clean emotions, really coaches people without words. 

So mother presence warms the link, if you can keep this during a coaching session that really gives a comfortable feeling to people. 

If there is a teacher presence coach, but the kind of clients who want this presence, they are someone who really wants to learn something new. They want a coach, someone like a teacher.

And when you take the position of a teacher as opposed, please keep the presence and feeling kind that is really helpful. But some coaches show when they have a teacher head during a coaching session, sometimes they think you don’t know this, sometimes unconsciously but they think that way. So, we might not be kind. So, if there is a kind of teacher presence as a coach, that also gives us a different emotion. And you should be careful about ignoring people. 

Or if sometimes we can be higher than clients, when we have the presence of a teacher. We are as a coach, teachers, we are at the same level that if we have a kindness that really helps people as well. 

I’ve kind of a client who wants to know what topic would be helpful for the presence of our friends, we can have a different emotion. So as a coach, it is very important that what kind of a presence do you want to bring with this client, you should change your presence and you should have changed your feelings according to the client’s topic. So we could say that the client’s emotion is very important and beautiful. That makes our life was so wonderful. So if you do not have any emotion, just think about your husband and wife. If they do not have, you know, emotion, what will be their significance?

About Sabrina Park

As a Certified Coach from ICF( international Coach federation), Sabrina

has been coaching over 500 leaders over 3,500 hours from global

companies, big companies in Korea, Government and Non-profit

organization in the world since 2006. Her coaching focuses on

collaboration, leadership, emotional intelligence, management, transition,

communication and positive culture transformation, etc..

Her unique and diverse experiences such as HR consultant, sales

marketing manager at SME, foreign airline crew, opera vocalists, assistant

director of the National Opera company, and international conference

experts support her to have a deep insight on various industries and a

broad understanding of people while coaching now.

She also contributed herself as a President of the coaching community Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches in 2013-2015, and as an adjunct professor of the Business Coaching in Sehan University in 2015.

Furthermore, as a founder of POSITIVE 100 DAYS PROJECT(www.positive100days.org), she initiated the world peace movement, creating positive energy with over 300 positive leaders in 13 countries in 2016. She has a Master Degree of Music from Ewha Women’s university and is a candidate for the PHD, international business at GSP(Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies).

About Coaching Matters

Coaching Matters is a bimonthly xMonks’ initiative to support the global coaching community to stay in touch with the fraternity through a webinar series. Through Coaching Matters, you get to meet and interact with experts from various walks of life. You will hear untold wisdom, industry experience, and personal expertise around coaching.

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