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Your personal values are the convictions you hold really close to yourself in life. Understanding your personal beliefs and letting them direct the choices you make about your life will help you build a life that you enjoy.

Without a compass, it can be difficult to find your way in a new and unfamiliar world. Similarly without values, you are just a mindless machine looking for something you do not want. By knowing your values, you will find that one of your greatest guides in life that would help steer you towards discovering the things that are truly important. 

Every good coach and leader understands the importance of core values as a guide through the ups and downs of sport, and more importantly, developing character in young men and women. A strong core value suite makes a coach truly inspiring.

Why is inspiration important?

Simply, the coach’s role is to create the environment and to provide the opportunity for the clients to express their motivation in all that they do. It is the coach’s role to inspire the coachee to feel confident in themselves and to feel empowered to let their “fire” free.

Motivation is a powerful ally for coaches and an important aspect of successful coaching.

In the shadow of a society obsessed with assessing talent and ability, it is easy to forget the powerful role of inspiration. Inspiration unleashes new possibilities by encouraging us to overcome our ordinary experiences and limitations. 

Inspiration causes a person to reach for usefulness, and through this exploration of potentiality, changes expectations of capabilities. Even talk of inspiration is sometimes ignored because it’s on the other side of the planet. Inspiration can be triggered, recorded, and manipulated, and it has a significant impact on important life outcomes.

To become inspired, you need to set yourself up for it by building the atmosphere that sparks your inspiration. As a society, we are the best we can be at setting up the right conditions for others. Identifying the power of motivation is the first step and can have an effect on everything we do.

Driven people believe themselves to be more innovative and to be using their creativity more. The relation between inspiration and creativity correlates with becoming a transcendent thinker, because creativity implies seeing possibilities beyond existing constraints.

Becoming an inspiring coach with core values

As a coach and leader, achieving and demonstrating your organization’s core values is completely in your hands. However, since core values are important to team success and character growth, it is essential to include your team in defining them, making them visible, stressing them, and using them as a reference for your program’s everyday decisions and actions.

By showing you how you can quantify success and busting out the term “value” with regularity, I’ve really broken down your definition of success. The more money and power you have and the more successful and popular you are, the more successful you will be, the more popular culture usually defines success winning, wealth, prestige, physical attractiveness, and popularity. Due to these requirements, performance was essentially unattainable for most citizens.

For instance, if your career in the business world makes you unhappy, no judgement intended, but many of my clients happen to come from corporate life, you need to ask yourself what values you have kept that have led you to a business career and how those values currently cause you to be an unhappy success.

To allow the coaching to be effective, you must work with a client who will follow through and take some steps to make the required improvements. Your job is to motivate them and provide an outlet for them to apply whatever inspiration they may have.

Coaches and coachees also develop a close bond with one another due to their mutually formed relationship. The best practise coaches are able to shape an inspiring inspiration for the initial stages of the engagement.

There are four main approaches you must always use while coaching.

As a coach you should always:

  1. Build your coaching relationships on the basis of honesty, openness and trust.
  2. Accept that your client is responsible for the results they achieve.
  3. Always focus on the client.
  4. Always believe in your client’s ability to achieve more and better results.

The skilled coach makes putting these principles into action look easy but it is challenging work. If you hold to these four principles you will create a sound basis for effective coaching.

Inspirational Coaching to Envision Goals

Leaders imagine an exciting and noble future through optimistic imaginations and enlist people in their visions through encouragement and inspiration. If you mentor a leader, you need to recognise that outstanding leadership takes a degree of motivation, perspective, bravery, understanding, and determination that transcends day-to-day leadership. Leadership of the twenty-first century requires methods that transcend the accepted traditions of organisations of the twentieth century.

So, what questions are we willing to ask a coach to help them in setting goals? Ask your coach how they plan to accomplish their goal, how they will calculate accomplishment and how they will explain the first step they will take to achieve it.

Engaging them in an observational sequence of topics such as:

  • What are the beliefs and values that govern you?
  • What are you concerned with?
  • What keeps you awake through the night?
  • What legacy would you like to leave?
  • What’s your framework of living?

Once you can express principles and convictions clearly as a coach, you have taken the first step on the road to imagining the goal. Inspired individuals see themselves as more innovative and display real increases over time in self-ratings of creativity.

An awakening to something different, greater, or more important is more connected to inspiration: the transcendence of one’s previous concerns. There is nothing more encouraging or rewarding than working in partnership with a team of customers to create momentum, ratchet up efficiency, and renew leadership engagement within an enterprise, as daunting as this work can be.