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The International Coaching Week 2020, is a celebration of the lives that have been transformed by articulated brilliance. It’s a week-long celebration of ideas and thoughts that changed their course, to make a difference, to the society. It’s a celebration of words and actions that enabled millions across the globe, to reach their destination. Yes, it’s a celebration of a complete ecosystem, that makes every moment of life, worth it! It’s the coming together of gestures and notions, that are solely dedicated to make way for a healthy state of mind, psychological well-being and happiness. And to earmark this celebration, we’ve someone, who has been transforming lives and spreading cheer, for more than 30 years now. It is indeed a pleasure for us, to have Mr. Rajeev Dubey, as a part of the ICW 2020, that begins from the 4th -10th May.

A group president of the HR and corporate services by profession, Rajeev Dubey is celebrated name in the coaching and leadership fraternity. Rajeev brings both, experience and newness in his live sessions. He believes that the old ‘command and control’ method of leadership will be a disaster in today’s world and thus, it is important to keep reinventing to ensure that coaching has maximum effect on the lives of the individuals, it is imparted to.
He further establishes the fact that innovation not only challenges the rudimentary and the orthodox ways of coaching but also brings a new lease of creativity and freshness into the system.

Least to say, it’s an innovative coach that the coaching fraternity currently demands. The benefits of having an innovative coach are myriad. The chief ones though, have been listed below:

1) Freedom to express: An innovative or a creative coach never prevents you from experimenting and trying new methods to success. He/she gives you the liberty to express yourself in every manner possible, thereby bringing out the best in each individual. It is only when we try and experiment, will we know, what is right and what is not!

2) A fine blend of the old and the new: What’s better when you can have the experience of a sage and the bubbling energy of a child! An innovative coach will exactly know how to channelize wisdom and energy, thereby enabling the organization, to attain the common objective.

3) Comprehending constraints and parameters: Experimenting does not mean, that we are straying away from our goals. It only means that we’ve been looking for newer ways to succeed! An innovative coach is well aware of all the constraints, limitations and parameters and is also capable of bending rules in a way that will everyone succeed, without having to cross the boundaries!

In times when the world has been bogged down by the Covid-19 crisis, the coaching fraternity certainly needs more innovative coaches who can deliver happiness, positivity and creativity from the state we are currently in. We constantly need to reinvent ourselves, in order to deliver solutions and battle the crisis, lurking around us. This is exactly the what Mr. Rajeev Dubey has been doing for the longest time, for the coaching fraternity! He believes in the realms of developing the best in human capital of an organization and it is his wisdom and compassion that has been the bedrock for various Human Resources initiatives. Come, join us for a live coaching session via a free webinar with Rajeev Dubey and witness a non-rehearsed coaching session, where a coach brings in a question that is alive in that moment!

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