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Identify, Assess, and Accept Your Imperfections for You 2.0

    There is great strength in your weakness. As paradoxical as it may sound, once you identify
    this core element, half the journey of your personal transformation is complete. Your depth
    of awareness propels your transformation that much faster.

    Join our very special session for the very first time in India on

    “Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable”

    in partnership with The Leadership Circle.

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    Join our expert speakers as they talk about:
      • The Significance of analysing your weaknesses and strenghts.
      • How to identify your weaknesses and flaws.
      • How to come to terms with and be comfortable with theme.
      • How to modify theme and start your journey of personal transformation.

    Take away valuable frameworks and tools to continue your journey of development and transformation to become the best possible version of yourself.


    In the face of inadequate approaches to further leadership, The Leadership Circle brings
    together an integrated, comprehensive approach in leadership development through its
    tools and unique methodology. With a global presence, The Leadership Council has over
    7500 certified practitioners supporting 190,000 leaders to improve their effectiveness and
    ability to deal with volatility, complexity and ambiguity.

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    Master Certified Coach &
    Founder – xMonks

    Gaurav Arora, popularly known as GRV is the Founder and CEO of xMonks- An Ecosystem and Country Head at Erickson India-International. He has been named on the Power List of the “Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership to watch in 2022 “ in LeadersHum. His motto in life is to keep inspiring people and help them to be better with coaching.

    Sriram Natrajan

    Managing Director at GIA India Laboratories Pvt Ltd

    Sri Ram Natrajan is the Managing Director at GIA India Laboratoris, LTD. He has also been in the managing position at many firms such as NALS, Circor, and Eaton Corporation. Mr. Natrajan is a motivated and accomplished professional with a track record of establishing businesses, turning around businesses and delivering results in multiple geographies (US, Singapore, and India).

    Emmanuel David

    Strategic Leader, Influencer and

    Emmanuel David is a Strategic Leader, Influencer, a Coach and change agent continually boosting organisation management and growth through outcome-driven program oversight. He has been in multiple progressive HR roles where he demonstrated his ability to develop HR strategic plans that support and bolster organisation objectives.

    Gajanan Gandhe

     Country Head

    Gajanan Gandhe is the Country Head of Dana India since 2019. Before that he has presided over the prestigious position of Senior Vice President in IAC Asia Limited for about 10 years. Mr. Gandhe’s specialities include Materials Engineering, Automotive Business, Financial Analysis, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategy Development and People Skills.

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    The Enemy of Effective
    Leadership: Arrogance

    The key to effective leadership lies in
    understanding the term and the balance
    between humility and arrogance. Both
    Humility and Arrogance are the two sides of
    the same coin which need to coexist within
    a Leader. Read ahead to find if humility can
    exist with arrogance in a leader? Or should
    he be humble?

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    The Gift of Team

    No individual can progress alone.
    Individuals need to work together as one in
    order to reach a goal and achieve success.
    Team Coaching is one such hidden gift that
    makes the goal more strong and impactful.
    Read this blog to find out the several
    aspects of team coaching.

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    Women in

    4.6%!! Yes, that is the number representing
    women in leadership positions in research
    by Fortune. This provides a clear image, how
    men are leading the charts. Let’s talk more
    about women in leadership and their roles.
    Also when are we going to see that number
    in double digits?

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