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Join Your Coaching Tribe—

10X Your Business with the
Top 1% Successful Coaches

in the world

Join the international community with invite only membership.

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Get Started as The Secret Coaching

Empower yourself with the necessary knowledge, tools, resources, and people.

Get the Secret Competitive Advantage.

Refresh your understanding and regain your confidence
  • Discover new concepts, cutting-edge strategies, new frameworks and strengthen your Coaching competencies.

  • Refresh your concepts and expand your tool kit with new techniques

  • Learn from diverse case studies and different scenarios

  • Access tools, templates and learn practical knowledge that you can apply in your day-to-day coaching practice.

Find a Learning Community

to GROW Together.

Network with the top 1% high performing coaches & like-minded
people ready to support, encourage, and inspire each other.
  • Be a part of a group that holds and endorses for your
    as a coach.

  • Get immediate feedback in a safe environment.

  • Be a part of a community that stands for your growth.

  • Get a platform to share successes, best practices, but also
    through a reflective and generative dialogue.

Enhance your Coaching

Practice to ACCOMPLISH more

Gain deeper insights about yourself as a Coach that enhances your Coaching practice.
  • Explore your niche, if you haven’t yet.

  • Learn how to position yourself and expand your business and earn more $$$$

  • Get access to live coaching demos and demystify the language patterns that create breakthrough during the conversation

  • Learn marketing and sales strategies to attract clients

Get an International Exposure

to EXPAND your reach.

Build standards on par with the rest of the world
  • Gain exposure to the international practices through global
    thought leaders and experienced coaches.

  • Listen to the views, expertise, knowledge and wisdom from
    experts from global leaders.

One Secret Mastermind is all you need
Find’em all, here.

Competency Building blocks


Elite Accountability


Virtual Meet & Conversation


Global Camaraderie


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The total value of the mastermind is $12500 along with the bonuses. Few handpicked and selected coaches will get access to the
secret mastermind for just $2500. After that the price goes back to $6500.

We don’t know when we will hold this mastermind in the future. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect
with the best and become better.

Hurry only a few seats left!

Buy Now

Limited time offer

Join for just $2500 $12500. (You save $10000!)

The Secret Coaching MasterMind Beta

Block your Calendar for the next 12 months

How is it actually done?

Bi-Monthly Meetings

90 minutes, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month with a download or/ and interactive engagement format.

1-to-1 Coaching Sessions

Access to coaching sessions. Lasting 60 minutes for one session or two session of 30 minutes each

Access to recordings

All training sessions will be available as recordings. (does not include live interaction)

Hot seat

Get the spotlight by being on the hot seat once a month. Make most out of it.

But wait, I almost forgot…

For a limited time we are giving bonuses worth $6000 dollars absolutely FREE!

  • Private community

  • Opportunity to be a part of our Pro-bono initiative on demand basis (iOwn)

  • Access to the entire Coaching Matters Library

  • Access to the recording of TCC 2020, & TCC 2021

  • 10% Discounts on future special program

  • Full Access to our Annual Coaching Conference 2022 (Platinum Level)

  • Templates, swipe files

  • 6 Ebooks

  • Interview Screening with the Master Coaches

Network from Home. Explore the digital connection to mastery.

Join the waitlist

Coaches who show promise to commit to a network of masterminds will be considered.

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Show me your friends and I will show you your future.
Show me your mastermind circle and I will show you your business future!

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