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Coaching the Brain

With Neurosciences behind Coaching, know what your clients need. Spot the hidden cues effortlessly, achieving goals, re-creating beliefs, and aligning values.

Introductory Masterclass by Joseph O’Connor

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    Practical Applications of Neuroscience to Coaching

    Neuroscience is advancing quickly and it’s disrupting many standard psychological models. Coaching is based on psychological models.
    Everything we do, and sense, happens through our brain. Neuroscience studies the biology of the mind – the BRAIN.
    As the brain is behind, every thought and feeling we have, and every decision we make, you need to be knowledgeable about what is behind every word your client says and every action your client makes.
    In Coaching the Brain, we learn to answer the question: How can we use our knowledge of the brain to help ourselves and others to learn, change and develop?

    More than becoming a better Coach

    “For me this training has been an eye opening experience. It has clearly exceeded my expectations. I wanted to improve my coaching skills but in reality this course has motivated me to see my full life in a different way.”

    Mariela Nuñez Ugalde, Coaching and marketing executive

    Why Coaching the Brain?

    Key takeaways for individual Coaches. Don’t be left behind.

    Coaching the Brain’ will provide you with a deep respect for the depth and complexity of your thinking and emotions.

    It will show you how to apply insights from the latest neuroscience research in a practical way, in the fields of personal development, coaching and cognitive therapy.

    Also, learn about validated and well-researched lessons from Neuroscience for high performance and leadership, providing a systemic approach to the application of neuroscience to coaching.

    Create Transformation

    Use Neuroscience to enhance your understanding of the brain and how it works.

    Stay Ahead

    Don’t be a coach at risk by applying outdated models that lack scientific validation and insight.

    Practical Experience

    Gain real experience with application of new and updated perspectives, tools, and ideas.

    Better Coaching Career

    Guide your clients more effectively in making better decisions, which will
    get them better results.

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    Learn it from the Master himself.
    Author of ‘Coaching the Brain’

    Joseph O’ Connor

    MCC Coach & Founder, Neuroscience Coaching Centre

    Joseph’s way of explaining is outstanding. I feel I’m part of a new wave in the world, where people will learn to collaborate better with their brains.

    Mirja Bang Hansen


    What I bring with me from the course is that I have broadened my thinking in my role as a coach and to be able to go even deeper into the coach issues.

    Eva Lisa Persson


    Join Introductory Masterclass For Free

    Course Design

    Update your practice with leading-edge, scientifically sound coaching methods that fast track your client’s success.


    We understand, “How the brain manages the three most important skills needed for goal setting: creating, sustaining and completing?” We explore creativity in depth with new insights on how to be more creative. We also explore the barriers to creativity and how to overcome them.


    Here we will delve into ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ cognition and how to make them work together. Emotions are behind values – what is important to us. Values are behind motivation. This knowledge is essential for clients to know themselves, know what they want and why they want it.


    Our mental models are the basis of our actions – we predict what will happen before we act.
    This module explores how we learn, how we try to predict the future and the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine in learning and motivation.
    We also look at the neuroscience of ‘shoulds’ and how to deal with that troublesome word.

    Why should organizations sponsor their team for
    “Coaching the Brain” Program?

    • Employees will alter their mindset

    • The surrounding structures (reward and recognition systems, for example) will be in tune with the new behavior.

    • Employees will gain systems for skills to develop that will help the organization.

    • More modeling and environmental transformations occur, actively.

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      Is this course right for me?

      If you are a coach or professional who works with clients on changing their thinking, then this course is not just right, but essential.

      Do I need any preparation or prior knowledge?

      No. You can take this course as a stand alone module, you will get all the knowledge and background you need in the course.

      What else will I get in this course?

      Joseph O’Connor, author of Coaching the Brain, will be personally giving this course.

      • There will be seven live webinars spread over the course of about two months. After each webinar there will be a dedicated time for live questions and comments about the course with Joseph.
      • There will be suggested action steps as homework every week to reinforce the learning.
      • There is a fifty-page manual that accompanies the course.

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