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14-16th Sep, 2023 at 12:30 PM (IST)

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Recognised as ICF Foundation course level

This certification programme is designed for those who have been facilitating and/or coaching teams.

The 3-day course is recognized by ICF

and stands as a rare opportunity for those who want to add team coaching to their portfolio. The objective is to ensure that you are competent and confident in extending coaching approaches that help teams become more effective, and eventually develop the capability to coach themselves.

David Clutterbuck,

Author and Management

Meet The Instructor & Coach

David Clutterbuck is one of Europe’s most prolific authors and thinkers on management. Author or co-author of over 50 books. His recurrent theme is that improving the quality of conversations helps people and organizations make better decisions and helps achieve ambitions. Also, he is

  • A visiting professor in coaching and mentoring at both Oxford Brookes and Sheffield Hallam Universities.
  • A serial entrepreneur and practices what he preaches, setting himself a major learning challenge every year.
  • Among the top 15 of “HR’s most influential”. Voted Coaching at Work magazine’s first Mentor of the Year and is visiting professor at three universities – Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes and York St John.

He has been a conference speaker, workshop presented, researcher, and occasional comedian.


What happens in this 3-day course?


  • Some fundamentals around one to one coaching
  • Introduction to the concept of team coaching
  • The purpose of team coaching
  • How teams evolve
  • Models of team learning
  • What helps and hinders team efficacy? The leader follower relationship.
  • What do we mean by a high performing team?
  • Differences between individual coaching and team coaching. Identifying team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Key steps in the team coaching process – contracting, scoping, developing the team’s capacity to coach itself.

Techniques and approaches

  • Team coaching session dialogue: contracting, goal setting, defining the issue, context, redefinition, seeking individual and collective mindshift, alternative ways forward, decisions, re-contracting
  • Competencies of a team coach
  • Behaviours of teams and team members. How to recognize and analyze team dysfunction
  • Principles of group dynamics
  • Team identity
  • Establishing and working with team purpose.
  • Surfacing and managing conflicting agendas. Techniques for managing team conflict
  • Communication and networking
  • Techniques to clarify and build alignment with team goals.
  • Managing team motivation, temporal issues, creativity
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A letter to permit yourself for the course

Here’s what you should tell yourself or your boss that would convince you to invest these days three days into team coaching

Discover approaches to witness better collaboration and improved results.

Engage your team in an honest conversation about, “What’s working?” and “What needs to change?”.

Provide the structure, support, and empowerment that allows teams to learn, practice, and integrate new behavior over time.

Improve team dynamics by addressing real and relevant issues.

Manage the collective mix of attitudes in tough scenarios.

Build a team life support system

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