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The Art and Science of Coaching

Be an ICF Certified Coach with
Erickson Coaching International

 06 Oct, 2021 | 7:00 PM (IST)

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    About The Art of Science of Coaching (TASC)


    The Art & Science of Coaching is an ICF approved program. Whether you are a leader in an organization looking to benefit professionally from proven techniques, or an individual looking for a career in personal or corporate coaching, this International Coach Federation the program will get you started.

    Participants will develop a strong foundation in the theory and practice of Solution-Focused Coaching. Discover how to help others to realize their highest potential and to take action that aligns with their vision. Gain awareness of what underlies all great transformations and accumulate experience applying coaching methodologies on multiple levels. “The Art & Science of Coaching” is recognized by the International Coach Federation as a course supplying a total of 128 hrs of Continuing Coaching Education units. Modules I and II will provide you with 64 of those units.

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    Who is the TASC Program for?

    • Business Leaders
    • CEO’s
    • Executive Coaches/ Coaching Practitioners
    • OD & HR Professionals
    • Change Management Specialists
    • Executive Leadership &/or Management Development Consultants
    • Learning & Development, Culture Transformation Specialists
    • Facilitators/Teachers, Counsellors, Psychologists

    The TASC Course Module

    Be an ICF Certified Coach: The Art and Science of Coaching is an approved Coach certification program by the International Coach Federation. The program provides the necessary 60 hrs of Coach Specific Training towards ICF Credentialing. The Art and Science of Coaching is very intensive, hands-on, and is considered Gold Standard in the Coaching Space

    Module I

    Participants will learn the basics of Coach Position and will be able to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module. Participants will understand the framework of Coaching and the skills required to engage a Coachee in a meaningful conversation.

    Module II

    Participants will learn time bound, actionable and rigorously tested strategies to achieve a productive coaching relationship with their Coachee. Participants will learn the finer nuances of Coaching and will be equipped with various tools to make them even masterful Coaches.

    Post Program Engagement

    To support the learning and Coaching practice of Erickson graduates, there is a 90 days engagement journey. It consists of three webinars which address the key challenges like how to position coaching to Internal/External clients, Identify your Niche of Coaching, tips from successful Erickson graduates…etc.

    Be on Your Path of Becoming an ICF Certified Coach

    Everything you will learn in “The Art & Science of Coaching” Modules I and II will prepare you for application to the ICF. This course is designed for both new and practicing coaches who wish to increase their confidence and competence in order to serve as impactful Professional Coaches in both the corporate and public domain.

    This ICF accredited Coach training program provides all the training (60 hours) and mentoring (10 hours) of the ACC portfolio application.

    Upon successful completion of the 10 hours of mentoring, and the 60 hours of training and you have accumulated and documented 100 hours of coach/client sessions, you can then apply to the ICF Associate Certified Coach Credential and the Associate Erickson Coach Certification.

    About Erickson Coaching International

    Established in 1980, Erickson pioneers ICF-certified coach training in the United States, Canada, and globally. Erickson’s accredited coach training includes the world-renowned program The Art & Science of Coaching™, as well as transformational life coaching courses Expanding Emotional Intelligence, The Art & Science of Mindfulness, Coaching Competencies for Leaders, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and many others. Erickson’s coach training programs are offered on-site and online via the world’s cutting-edge online learning platform which utilizes the latest best practices in adult learning.

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    Erickson is proud to have a robust global network of coaches and is represented in over 114 world locations by more than 45,000 graduates!

    Message from Marilyn Atkinson

    Our Founder

    At any given moment in history, at particular locations on the planet, a few specific people and groups can be identified as being on the cutting edge of thought and skills, doing the most advanced work of the time in vitally important areas. Erickson Coaching International is one of these advanced learning centers. In chaotic times, education must include the skills of leadership and vision. It must include practical methods for bringing visions and values into reality in daily approaches to problem resolution. It must include training in the abilities to utilize events that look like failures as power boosters towards reinventing excellence. It must include a deep understanding of the courage and vulnerability required to lead a distinguishing life. Erickson Coaching International was founded on a number of empowering models of consciousness which express the intrinsically whole and self-healing qualities of a human being. Solution-Focused Coach training provides a vision and methodology based on these models. This offers students and clients a direct path to shift communication and creativity paradigms quickly, while encouraging individuals toward their creative frontiers. These models, combined with a deep belief in the human growth potential, represent a specific and detailed map of human behavior and relationship, and consequently offer extremely effective pathways for personal, organizational and community expansions. Every program at Erickson implicitly embeds transformation and accelerated learning within the course content. Students are challenged towards dynamic self-improvement and contribution in the world as ownership is gained over the knowledge. Through this challenge, leadership ability is the fundamental result.

    Marilyn W. Atkinson

    Founder & Prsident of Erickson Coaching International.

    The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.

    – Albert Einstein

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    Who are the core team members of xMonks?

    The xMonks core team is made up of certified coaches, consultants, facilitators, HR professionals, educators, and practitioners with backgrounds ranging from organizational development, psychology, finance, operations, business, etc. xMonks is known for its’ standout support system unlike any other in our industry.

    Where are we launching these webinars? What are the charges for these webinars?

    All the webinars will be conducted via the Zoom webinar platform and will be offered free of cost to all the registered participants.

    Whom to contact if I have any questions/query?

    Please send us your queries at support@xmonks.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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