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International Coaching Week 2021

How coaching contributes to business transformation

Find answers to questions such as, How can coaching contribute to business transformation ? And what criteria must coaching meet to be strategic ? What criteria must coaching meet to be strategic ? What could be the meaning of “strategic” ? You will hear some real experiences and try to form a framework of “conditions” that will help coaching become more strategic, for those who have ambitions in that direction.

Here’s what to look forward to?

  1. How to start coaching at the C-level
  2. How to let coaching “infect” the other levels as well.
  3. How coaching begins to serve strategic creativity, with lasting impact.
  4. How that sustainable impact can be observed and even “monitored”.

Coaching by itself is not strategic, but it can become a very powerful tool at the strategic level. This requires that the top of the organization practice coaching daily, to inspire other leaders to do the same. It also depends on their willingness to look beyond and deeper than one-to-one relationships between hours of coaching and results.

Once this is “in your culture,” you also need the willingness and ability to strategically converse and co-create. The more it is said that coaching is strategic, the less it usually is. The more people “do” coaching, whatever they call it, the more opportunity there is to move coaching from the elevator pitch level to a higher, more creative level.

About Karl Van Hoey

Karl Van Hoey is an ICF Master Certified Coach, Mentor Coach, Advisor and Keynote Speaker. His mission is to make the impact of his clients on strategy execution more sustainable, focussing on the human side.

His expertise is transforming leadership, leading transformation and HR. He has a long experience in corporate HR leadership and coaching. He has worked for  AXA, British American Tobacco, Ernst & Young (EY) and Sappi Fine Paper Europe.

In 2014, he founded his own consultancy and coaching practice. He joined Otolith as a partner in 2018.

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