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What is Coaching Ebook

Coaching is a new profession that has combined the best of psychology, business, evolution, philosophy, spirituality, and finance to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners. Coaching is a process that focuses on assisting individuals, teams, and organisations in improving their behaviour, cognition, actions, decision-making, and overall efficiency.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • History of Coaching

    • What is Coaching?

    • How does Coaching work?

    • Who works with A Coach?

    • What is the purpose of Coaching?

    • Benefits of being a coach

    • How to kick start your Coaching journey?

    • What Coaching is NOT?

    Know Your eBook

    Unveil the mystery of the world of Coaching.

    Let me guess You get intrigued by coaching! How did this affair start? Was it a friend who introduced you to the enthralling world of coaching, or that you went to a seminar?

    Was it a colleague? Or someone else? Whoever it was, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fell in love and now you want to step into the wonderland of coaching. If this is the case, then here is a book for you – What is Coaching.

    If these are the answers you seek, then this is the book you need. Download this ebook and explore the next groundbreaking career path of Coaching particularly designed to cater to the minds of the upcoming coaches who want to explore and step into this field.

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