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Mindfulness Meditation Ebook

Mindfulness is being present in the current moment, paying full attention to it with an attitude that is non-judgmental, curious, and kind. It is something all humans are born with except for the fact that we frequently stray from the topic at hand.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • Character Sketch of a Mindful Person

    • What is Mindfulness Coaching

    • What is Health Mindfulness Coaching

    • Getting Started with Mindfulness Meditation

    • Mindful Meditation for Coaches

    • How does Healing happen After Mindfulness Coaching?

    • How should we practice Mindfulness?

    • What Happens to the Brain During Meditation

    • Connecting the Dots- Mindfulness and Meditation

    Know Your eBook

    Disclosing to you the stream of mindfulness.

    Do you ever feel that you lose touch with your mind and even though you are present in the moment you forget what is happening and you tend to wind up being somewhere else? It does happen. But the real question is- Are you mindful?

    Do you really understand what mindfulness is? And have you wondered how mindfulness works?  Mindfulness Meditation- Explore The Mind: Within and Unbound is the book for you.

    It throws new insight on how a better knowledge of mindfulness to help coaches and all the other readers better understand wellbeing, as well as how mindfulness can bring a greater impact in our lives.

    So, if mindfulness is what you endeavor in your coaching practice, then download this ebook- Mindfulness Meditation and traverse the universe of This Moment to finding the center within the healing methods of Mindfulness Meditation.

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