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Guide to Coaching Industry in 2021 Ebook

Coaching now has evolved to be the second-fastest-growing industry in the world. This industry has experienced a massive boom worldwide across a range of sectors over the past decade. Read this book and discover the path to guide you through your coaching journey.

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    The Book Will Draw Your Attention To

    • The Evolution of the Coaching Industry

    • A rise in Demand for Coaches

    • A peek into the Coaching World

    • Statistics on Life Coaching

    • Statistics on Business Coaching

    • Statistics on Career Coaching

    • Statistics on Health Coaching

    • Statistics on Financial Coaching

    • Statistics on Management Coaching

    • Statistics on Sales Coaching

    Know Your eBook

    Discover the latest coaching trend in the coaching industry.

    Generations around the globe humans have climbed the stairs of evolution. They have evolved to be attracted to numbers and figures.

    Research has proved that the human brain responds faster to numbers also the retention power increases.

    Thus statistics, form the basis of our decision-making process. Ask yourself, what is the selling of coaching as a career path?

    The numbers of the content. Using these factors, we have created this book exclusively for you to discover with us the path of coaching.

    This book on coaching is a travel guide to all the aspiring coaches and the existing coaches, as well, to discover the trends that their field is experiencing.

    Bursting all the myths of coaching – (the who, where, why, what, and how), this book brings you A guide into the coaching world.

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