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Want more clients and sell more coaching programs?


reveals little-known marketing ‘tricks’ that smart consultants and coaches use to drive clients into their business WITHOUT having a huge celebrity like following

Flood your business with clients –



    Hurry. Limited free seats available.

    Get the secrets to attract and close clients from not 1 but 2 international coaches to…

    Get the attention of your prospect

    Get over their sales objections by the results you can produce

    Sell your services WITHOUT being cheesy or salesy

    Your Coaching Adventure Starts Here.

    Never Search For High Ticket Clients Again!

    Attract clients effortlessly instead of chasing them.

    Get Actionable Steps in 60 Minutes

    LIVE & Online Program

    The #1 Programs For Executives,
    Who Want To Scale Their Coaching Business

    International Coaches

    Students & Alumni Worldwide

    Hours In training completed

    In Revenue By Students Combined

    Who is this course for?

    Founders looking to 10X the growth of their company

    CEOs who want to increase employee productivity

    Executives who want to outperform their competition

    In this 60 minutes LIVE Masterclass you will get the secret strategies to
    Establish yourself as a thought leader
    Build your audience trust
    Find and connect with the right people at the right time
    Increase brand awareness
    2 world-renowned coaches will reveal their tried and tested strategies to get a steady stream of high ticket high-quality coaching clients.
    All this for absolutely FREE!


    Hurry. Limited free seats available.


    John Spence

    One of the Top Business and Leadership Experts in the World

    As an author, international executive coach, professional development educator, virtual trainer, strategic planning facilitator, keynote speaker, and developer of online learning programs, John Spence’s clients from around the world say that they hire him for three main reasons:

    Research: John has read a minimum of 100 business books per year since 1989 giving him a depth and breadth of knowledge that very few can offer.

    Real-life: John has been the owner or CEO of five companies, so he knows what it’s like to be in the trenches and successfully navigated many of the issues you are likely facing.

    Passion: For nearly 30 years, John has traveled worldwide to help people and businesses be more successful. He has worked with hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 10 and his intense dedication to consistently delivering excellence has earned him numerous awards like Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America.

    Gaurav Arora is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has been coaching for over 16 years.

    Gaurav is a recipient of the “Young Leaders Award” by International Coaching Federation (ICF), popularly known as GRV. He has recently been awarded the Top 200 Voices in the world along with Gary V, Adam Grant, John Spence, Simon Sinek. Gaurav has over 3800 hours of coaching experience. He co-founded Inspire Coaching Systems, a professional training and coaching company in 2009 with the mission to inspire himself, and others to live up to their own expectations. He is also trained in Facilitation Skills, and Large Scale Integration Process (LSIP).

    Gaurav is a founder and director of xMonks, an ecosystem that brings to you world-class coaches and trainers for personal transformation and leadership development. xMonks has partnered with Erickson which is one of the largest and oldest coach training schools in the world.

    Gaurav believes that coaching indeed is here to make a mark in the way people develop others and themselves. His philosophy in life is “Keep Inspiring- Keep Growing!”, and his goal to keep getting better every day!

    Gaurav Arora

    MCC, Facilitator & Founder xMonks


    Hurry. Limited free seats available.

    Build A Consistent and Predictable Stream of Clients for Your Coaching or Consulting Practice?

    Clients are the very lifeblood of your coaching and consulting business.

    We know it can be overwhelming to get more clients, especially if you’ve just started your coaching business.

    We understand how important it is to attract a steady stream of clients and grow in a competitive environment.

    If you’re a coach struggling to get new clients, this Client Magnet Secrets Masterclass will teach you how to attract more of your ideal clients no matter if you are a beginner or established coach.

    You will also get the tools to discover your niche, find clients, and get started on your path to becoming a successful coach.

    Plus, we’ll keep you up to date with coaching techniques, and the occasional much-needed kick in the pants to keep you motivated as you build your coaching business.

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    Discover Your Coaching Business Path

    There are so many ways to be a coach and many possibilities for you – It’s time to dive deeper. There are 2 main things all coaches and consultants need to know. First is that coaching can take many forms. Coaching can take place anywhere, from in-person to over video chat, one on one to groups. The strategies explained in this masterclass work for all different types of coaching as well. Performance coaching, skills coaching, career, personal or life coaching, creativity, business, executive coaching, you can be anything. There are a hundred other ways to position yourself as a coach. The point is if you can dream it up, YOU CAN DO IT.

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    Hurry. Limited free seats available.

    Here’s what Coaches Have to Say About the Masterclass

    I was fortunate to attend one of John’s training sessions while he was in Barbados. The session was simply awesome and was full of useful insights for running a successful business. John, thanks for your leadership and wisdom!

    Author | Speaker | Storyteller (Co-founder, Blueprint Creative)

    John Spence continues to inspire, educate and lead thought provoking seminars and books. His energy and passion are infectious. I highly recommend John Spence for any business looking to rise above mediocrity and focus on the exceptional.

    Sr. Demand Generation Manager – ABM at HackerRank

    Gaurav’s facilitation during the ‘Art & Science of coaching’ program was a transformational 68 Hrs-where I got to be my first coaching customer! This course enabled me to challenge my beliefs, dive deep and unlearn my limitations to end at a place of self-acceptance. Gaurav’s passion for coaching is infectious. You exit this course not only as more intentional human beings, but also develop a love for coaching!

    People strategy | Effectiveness Coach

    The last two months have been amazing with the coaching sessions. Would like to Thank Gaurav for being such a wonderful facilitator and taking me throught the journey which has really opened my views of what coaching is all about. What I like most about Gaurav is his sessions made us dive deeper into ourselves than just being transactional. I am looking forward to knowing and exploring more.

    Dy Director- KIIT/ Head Executive Search at Kontempore


    Hurry. Limited free seats available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Will Coaching Mastery Enable Me To Create Clients And Start Or Reignite My Coaching Business?

    COACH TO PROFIT gives you access to the best coaching insights and training from 2 international masterful coaches, along with coaching demonstrations and live support calls.

    When you commit to COACH TO PROFIT, you’ll have all the resources, practical and actionable tools, and support you need to upgrade any aspect of your coaching skills. With better skills, accountability, and support, you’ll notice a shift in how you can create powerful results. This shift can be the spark you need to get clients with clarity, courage, and confidence to expand your business. As your clients experience transformative results, they are more likely to recommend you to others too.

    Who is the prgram for?

    COACH TO PROFIT is created for anybody who recognises the value of coaching and wants to bring it into their life. It is for the beginner coach struggling to get a consistent stream of clients, as well as the seasoned coach who has hit a plateau and feels frustrated or lost on how to move forward and reignite their coaching business.

    How long is the program?

    The program is 8 weeks long with 8 sessions of 150 minutes each per week. You aslo get live support calls to clear your doubts about how to scale the coaching business.

    How long will it take to see results?

    With COACH TO PROFIT you will be able to get the first or next 4 clients in the program itself when you apply the simple actionable steps. That’s how fast you can see the results.

    Why is there such a huge discount on the price?

    The reason is simple. We believe that learning should be accessible for everyone and that coaches are an important part to our global education system. By keeping the price as low as we can we hope to enable as many coaches as possible to become better at their craft and bring transformation to their own and their clients’ lives.

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