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Global Vision is Not a Matter of Age

This week we bring you a young star, an alumnus of many prestigious UN institutions, Parth Bhatt. The gentleman is truly an embodiment of age is no barrier to reach higher.

In this week’s highly inspiring episode, Parth will restore your faith in youth as the power to change the world. An edited transcript of the conversation follows.

“Anything which is there can only stop you or limit you. All these forces which are against you have some limitations. It all depends on how you bounce back and how you rise up every time you fall.” — Parth Bhatt

Multiple Inspirations: Many Role Models

I don’t have a specific person who was my inspiration, but I have multiple people who are my inspiration for the different fields of life.

Like for example, if I talk about leadership and management, then it would be for sure for any martial sermonic show. And if I talk about bringing a change in the world and going towards a better tomorrow then it would be the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, Sir Dag Hammarskjold. He is the only Secretary-General day to die in office. And many believe that he is the person who stopped world war three from happening.

Then I would consider Ratan Tata also when it comes to social service and humanity.

Having a Defining Moment at Young Age

Talking about defining moments, I don’t have one, but a few.

So one of them would be my first champion, which was in 2016, I battled to amplify my interests in international relations. And then the second defining moment would be my fall’s diplomatic dialogue, which is in the South Korean embassy. Like it encouraged me to push further and achieve more. And the third one would be my bilateral meetings with the president and ambassadors and other policymakers at the starting of this year.

Gen Z and the PC Culture

I feel that Gen Z is literally doomed.

Like PC advocates nowadays. They are mostly like they’ll binge-watch Netflix. They’ll binge-watch Netflix and spend all night watching some cities. After that, I went to clubs, parties, movies, and stuff. Or so-called social media influencers who have done nothing great, but still, are able to give peer pressure to people.

And other than that, most of Gen Z, I find Gen Z literally impractical. And they will follow any trend just to look cool like and they will follow the muscles, they will follow whatever others, whatever other people are doing. Like if there is some trend going on, they will follow it recently there was this bottle challenge going on, everyone literally followed it. And I literally find it very unproductive and stupid and not worth investing so much time. So there are a lot of things like this.

To be really honest, a definition of cool is highly missing just by Gen Z, or Gen Z. It’s like going to parties uploading stories on Instagram and uploading pictures on Facebook, and posing for a picture with a secret or a glass of wine or something like that. So this all is not cool. And my definition. Because anyone can do it. There is nothing unique and that there is nothing special in that.

The Pandemic: Opportunities in the Crisis

This pandemic, I see as a very big opportunity because it has increased the productivity of people by multiple folds.

The youth are not utilizing it to the fullest, they are just wasting their time on stuff I mentioned before. Like, for example, if I talk about myself then before the pandemic, I used to travel to places for meetings. For having me like for having to go have five or six-hour meetings, I spent three days going to the meeting and then coming back.

But now I can have multiple meetings every day and people don’t even have to travel like recently and the last week I had interactions with three ambassadors and other officials. So the people with whom I have meetings are mostly in the USA or Europe or Africa or Australia. So no one has to travel and the productivity has increased multiple folds.

I see then this pandemic is indeed a hill, but a hill is always an opportunity to leave your competition behind. The competition is not anyone else who’s doing a similar thing the competition is the forces that are actually stopping us to live our life to live our purpose. It could be the fake perceived value of the coolness, or getting into social media and our Netflix and all that right.

On Courses and Badges

Talking with the courses, I feel that any course or any degree or any certificate is just a piece of paper if you’re looking if you’re doing it just for the sake of that certificate and if you’re not utilizing what you have learned, and you’re not applying it. So for that other than that, I have done courses, and almost all the fields, which all the areas which come under UN Human Rights or peacekeeping or health, all child rights, women rights, or sustainable development are anything and all the and all that that I’ve learned from these courses has helped me a lot in my meetings and other engagements.

I have been awarded more than 150 plus badges for, wow, I’m taking these even courses and meetings and stuff. Other than that, this is an LCD badge, which I wearit. The 17 colors to depict the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

About the Speaker: Parth Bhatt

“Parth Bhatt is a student from India and an alumnus of many prestigious UN institutions like The United Nations Climate Change Learn in Geneva, Switzerland. As a child, he grew with an internal realization that he needs to take part in empowering others in order to make this world a better place to live. He wanted to do more than academics and become a person with practical knowledge and experience. He always followed current issues.

In 2017, Parth was conferred with the coveted AWWA Award of Excellence by the wife of Chief of Army Staff of Indian Army for her work in the field of Science & Technology and Community Development through Sustainable Development.

I actively participate in Ambassador Series conferences as Official Youth Delegate and have attended many high level diplomatic meetings & conferences with Presidents & Diplomats from many foreign nations in various capacities.

He completed more than 545 courses with organizations like the United Nations, the United States Institute of Peace, and Ivy League Universities. In August 2019, he completed Specialized Training in Military Studies from Peace Operations Training Institute USA. ”

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