From classrooms to cubicles: The quest for a dream job begins at the ICW 2020 – Live Webinar By Harveen Singh Bedi – 4th May 2020

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Every individual that you come across, aspires to bag his/her dream job, once he/she has received formal education. While most of them would struggle to find a job in the initial phases, almost all of them succumb to the façade of a dream of dream job, created by the society? So, what is a dream job? Is it the one with a fat pay cheque or the one that allows you to implement your newly acquired skills or both or maybe none? Well, to address allvyour queries, as you begin your quest, we have none other than Mr. Harveen Singh Bedi, at the ICW 2020, to walk you through, this difficult, yet a crucial phase of life.

The contributions of Mr. Harveen Bedi towards the coaching and the leadership development fraternity, have been myriad. Not only has he assisted individuals in shaping their careers, but has provided them with a cutting edge over others, through his live sessions on coaching and leadership development. An Erickson Certified Coach with more than 16 years (overall 24+ years) of Leadership hiring experience across verticals, Harveen is now coaching executives, helping them move from mid-life crisis to an inspiring journey in life / career / business by providing clarity, direction and focus through actionable steps.

In addition, he was also heading Quadrangle & Naukri e-Hire businesses of Info Edge India Ltd. It is indeed a privilege having Mr. Harveen Singh Bedi, sharing all his useful insights on career, coaching and leadership development, at the ICW 2020, on 4th of May 2020.

In most of his live sessions, Mr. Bedi has emphasised on how important it is to have a happy and a healthy mind, to excel in the professional life. It goes without saying, that it is only when the mind is at peace, will it allow you to make the right career choice. While most of the professionals you meet are seeking their dream job, only a few out of them, will be differentiated amongst a job, a career and an inner calling. While a job is associated with pay benefits and social works, a career just goes a step ahead. This though, is only possible through the intense and intriguing coaching sessions.

As Wrzensniewski says, it is all about ‘crafting’ your responsibilities to leverage your core areas. It’s time for you to be an artist of your own life! Join us, for our free webinar, at the ICW 2020, and witness your life change its course, for the better!

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