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In-person 2-Day Program

Get a chance to learn from the maestro David Clutterbuck and indulge in one-on-one in-person sessions.

Meet David Clutterbuck

An opportunity to meet one of the last fully active survivors of the pioneers of coaching and mentoring.

Get up 10 CCE units as bonus

A bonus of 10 CCE units will be awarded to everyone who enrolls in the program.

The Four Stages of Coach Maturity

A deep dive into the 4 stages of coach maturity, what they are, and how to leverage them.

Become Systemic Eclectic

Learn how coaches with a systemic eclectic mindset use a diverse toolkit from various sources, integrating these into a personalized approach.


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ACC, PCC, MCC (All kinds of coaches)

Mature coaches possess refined decision-making and emotional intelligence, enabling them to understand and address client needs more effectively. They can handle complex situations and conflicts with ease, fostering a more productive coaching environment. By continuously engaging in self-reflection and learning, mature coaches evolve their skills, ensuring they remain effective and relevant in their practice. This maturity also helps in building stronger, trust-based relationships with clients, leading to more successful coaching engagements.

If you are a coach who looks out for the best interest of the clients, the Coach Maturity program will enable you to make the best out of your coaching practices by allowing you to connect internally and externally.

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Coaching maturity is vital for leaders as it enhances their effectiveness by improving decision-making, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution skills. It fosters team development through mentorship, empowerment, and team cohesion, while promoting organizational growth by aligning goals with the organization's vision, adapting to change, and focusing on sustainable development.

Leaders with maturity engage in continuous self-reflection, building resilience and upholding ethical standards, which in turn enhances client relationships through trust-building, deep listening, and personalized coaching.


Puja (Khanna) Kapoor

Puja (Khanna) Kapoor

Mentor | Coach | Ex OLX / Tesco / Google

I recently attended a program to become an ICF certified Coach and Gaurav Arora was our facilitator for the Coaching Program. Gaurav is a very accomplished Coach and a self-aware human being in particular. He brings his authentic self to the program, helps connect the theory with real life, enables a seamless blend in the story of coaching. His ability to captivate attention is outstanding and does a tremendous job for the Erickson Coaching International Program which spreads the word of building his ambition of making India the coaching capital of the world. He doesn't shy away from BHAGs and that's a golden quality. In specific, the drive Gaurav has to make coaching connect with human self-awareness is most infectious part of the program. I wish you Gaurav and Erickson Coaching International India all the success for their future endeavors.

Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison

CEO of EPOG Academy | Leadership Coach

I had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with David about the future of coaching and his mission to create 5 million school-aged coaches and mentors. In about an hour's encounter, I was inspired about what the future of coaching can be, learned practical ways to increase my influence as a young person in this industry, and was pleasantly surprised by his elite sense of humor! One thing I'll take with me from our conversation is his advice to living a life with laughter: "Don't take yourself too seriously and never go a day without finding something ridiculous!"

Puja (Khanna) Kapoor

Puja (Khanna) Kapoor

Mentor | Coach | Ex OLX / Tesco / Google

Senior Director - Human Resources at Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC "Who you are is how you coach". This was Gaurav's introduction sentence to coaching, as I embarked on this beautiful journey. Three months down the line, as I reflect back on how Gaurav has influenced my approach as a coach, I couldn't agree more. During the sessions that he took for us and my subsequent interactions with him, Gaurav has personified the various coach competences - never ever letting the other person get overwhelmed with his vast experience. No wonder he's among the torch-bearers when it comes to shaping wonderful coaches in India. My best wishes to you Gaurav in establishing India as the coaching capital, and I look forward to contributing to this beautiful mission in whatever small way I can.

Chris Roebuck

Chris Roebuck

Leadership Speaking - Keynotes, Masterclasses & Personalized Development

I have known David for over 15 years and we have worked together on a number of projects helping organizations from Goldman Sachs & N M Rothschild to the Arts Councils of England and Wales and the UK Prime Ministers Office (Cabinet Office). We have also worked together on the Executive Board of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. The quality of mentoring we now have in Europe is primarily due to Davids work over the past 20 years developing mentoring approaches from virtually nothing to the standards we have today. As a result of learning from David I have been able to put in place top quality business focused mentoring in significant organizations such as HSBC, CHEP, UBS and law firms either in my internal roles or as a consultant.


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David Clutterbuck stands as the last fully active survivor among the pioneers of coaching and mentoring. His illustrious career is marked by significant contributions and roles that have shaped the field over the years. David serves as the Special Ambassador for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the oldest professional association in this domain. Additionally, he is a visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at four prestigious universities: Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes University, Sheffield Hallam University, and York St John.

David’s expertise extends into international consultancies through the David Clutterbuck Partnership (DCP) and Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI). These organizations are dedicated to supporting enterprises in creating and enhancing mentoring and coaching programs, as well as fostering sustainable cultures of mentoring and coaching. DCP also specializes in Systemic Talent Management, providing consultancy and training in this area.His influence in the field is further highlighted by his authorship of over 77 books, each contributing valuable insights into the practice of coaching and mentoring.


  • Understanding Coach Maturity
  • Overview of the four stages of coach maturity
  • The evolution of skills, identity, and mind frame in coaching
  • Importance of reflective practice
  • Techniques to enhance the quality of reflective practice
  • Unlearning to Learn: Breaking the Rules
  • Why mature coaches let go of initial learnings
  • Case studies: Mastery through breaking conventional rules
  • Embracing a Flexible Mindset
  • Exercises to develop a flexible coaching mindset
  • Using Personal Wisdom in Coaching
  • Leveraging personal experiences and wisdom
  • Methods to integrate wisdom into coaching practices
  • Deepening Client Engagement
  • Techniques to enhance clients’s learning through mature coaching
  • From Problems to Systems
  • Understanding systems thinking
  • Differences between seeing client problems and systems
  • Applying Systems Thinking
  • Tools and frameworks for systems thinking in coaching
  • The Pitfalls of Goal Obsession
  • Recognizing the limitations of being goal-focused
  • Shifting towards a broader perspective in coaching
  • Cultivating a Balanced Approach
  • Reflective exercises to practice a balanced coaching approach
  • The Role of Supervision in Coach Development
  • Importance of being a mature supervisee
  • Characteristics of a mature supervisee
  • Maximizing Supervision for Growth
  • Creating a supervision plan for continuous improvement
  • Personal Development and Learning Plans
  • Designing a personalized learning plan
  • Tools for self-assessment and goal-setting
  • Managing Transitions Towards Maturity
  • Developing resilience and adaptability
  • Synthesizing Learnings
  • Review of key concepts from each module
  • Integrative exercises and discussions
  • Action Plan for Continued Growth
  • Resources and support for lifelong learning in coaching


Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora

Master Coach | Facilitator & Founder - xMonks

Gaurav Arora, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the driving force behind our Coaching Maturity Program. With a rich background in coaching and leadership, Gaurav's journey is marked by milestones such as serving as President of ICF Hyderabad Chapter, where he elevated the chapter's impact from 2012 to 2015. His dedication to coaching excellence earned him the prestigious Global Young Leader's Award from ICF in 2019.

David Clutterbuck

Author, Mentor & Ambassador for European Coaching Council

David Clutterbuck's work centers around empowering individuals and organizations to leverage the power of dialogue. His efforts focus on facilitating conversations that lead to positive change, making him a revered figure in the coaching and mentoring landscape.

David Clutterbuck


How to mature as a coach?

A mature coach reflects all the characteristics and thinking patterns of coaches at different competence levels.

What are the four stages of Coach Maturity?

• Model-Based
• Process-Based
• Philosophy-Based
• Systemic Eclectic

What are the differences between a novice and a mature coach?

A novice coach relies on learned techniques, follows structured approaches, and focuses on achieving specific goals. In contrast, a mature coach adapts to client needs, handles complexity with ease, engages in deep reflective practice, and aims for holistic client development.

Where is the Coach Maturity program taking place?

It’s taking place in Bengaluru.

What are the dates of the Coach Maturity program?

It’s happening on 22rd and 23th of August.

How many CCE units will be awarded to the attendees?

Up to 10 CCE units will be awarded to the attendees.

Does the program only cater to coaches?

No, the program is beneficial for leaders, c-suite executives, and mentors.

How to register?

To register, fill the form at the bottom of the page.