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Are you awake? Are you asleep? And how far apart are these two states of being asleep and being awake? 

You already know that you went to bed yesterday night, so I won’t tell you. You’re aware that you fell asleep, right? You got up in the morning, dressed up, and had your first shot of coffee. Maybe you feel that this is being awake. No one needs to tell you that you slept and actually experienced waking up. So is this being awake? and [what is] the difference between sleeping and waking up? 

Are You Awake or Are You Asleep?

Humans are complicated beings. We know everything but we still put off living. When we have more time or when we have completed the urgent tasks that are consuming us, we promise that we will live our best lives [don’t you do the same]. We promise those around us that when things calm down, we’ll be more devoted and enthusiastic. When we have a little more time, we tell ourselves we’ll get into world-class physical shape [the one that we dream of] and eat better. However, you still lie there waiting for an act of god to actually take us out of your bed [I mean metaphorically]. But do we do that?

We don’t. We remain in a dormant state. A state which I call- A State of Being Asleep. Even though you think that our eyes are open, our body is at work and our thoughts are running at a speed of 100 miles per hour, we are still asleep.

Each of us is aware that right now is the best possible time to live our best lives. Moreover, if not now, then when?

The majority of us act as though we have endless time. We put off pursuing our biggest aspirations. Yet the days pass quickly into weeks, followed by months, and then years. It won’t be long before your life is over. Here is an interesting fact, no one on their deathbed lies and the majority of people express the same regrets: that they did not take enough chances and that they did not reach their full potential

My dearest, there aren’t any added days. There are no days without purpose, without wholeness, without fear, without heal, without feel. 

You need to take the chance. You have the opportunity to choose today to take a stand for something greater and become the person you have always wanted to be. You have the choice to decide whether you want to achieve excellent physical health, become a genuine leader at work, be more authentic as a person, or take greater risks and face your anxieties today. 

This is being Awake. Following a path of Purpose, Wholeness, and Healing. Now what is interesting is that even though this is being awake but it’s not the same for all people. To me, coaching is being awake. It’s all about embracing the present and living your life as an example of what a human being is capable of creating for other people. Maybe for you, it’s something else. 

But the crux is that the sensation of Being is present when you are awake, and the same is absent when you are asleep. Therefore, there must be a sense of awareness that acknowledges Being which was not there before and is now there. Through all possible states that could come and go, this Awareness does not budge. Isn’t it? So you need to know, Are you awake or are you asleep? And if you are asleep, are you ready to step into awakening?

A Journey to Purpose, Wholeness, and Healing

Let me begin by asking you a question, that Steve Jobs always asks himself every time he faced a big decision or choice point in his life: “What would really I do if this was the last night of my life?” 

A life of excellence is not only available to those with pristine complexion, pearly white teeth, and royal ancestry. There are no additional humans on the earth, and we firmly think that each and every one of us has the power to make the decision to live a life of grandeur and amazing significance. Everything depends on the Daily Acts of kindness you carry out through a Journey of Purpose, Wholeness, and Healing. Nobody ever regrets the chances they took as they lay on their deathbed. Think for a second, would you?

You definitely wouldn’t and that is what matters. An awakened life or a life of mastery is not an illusion. It is rather a reality that you can live. It is only a series of well-lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls. As you live your days is the way you create your life. 

The point is that if you show up fully every day and play your best game during the waking hours of each one of your days, you will be guaranteed an extraordinary life. If you improve your health or your relationships or your professional knowledge by only 1% each day, after one month this will amount to a 30% increase. After one year this will amount to a 365% increase. By devoting yourself to continuous improvement and excellence in minor ways each day, your life really can transform. But how do we do that, let’s see.

It’s Time To Awaken Your True Self

Every being on this planet that has come into existence has traveled and traversed through different stages of human consciousness. That moves on the path of awakening, a journey to purpose, wholeness, and healing. Every iota that emerges out evolves, multiplies, expands, and merges into consciousness, awakening, and the ultimate mastery.

So, now the question is how do we reach there? Let’s find out.

Honour Yourself

You are special. You are an important and unique component of the cosmos. You have value. You’re here to create in a way that no one else can, in your own unique way. Understand this from the bottom of your soul.

I am unique. I am currently making a unique contribution to the cosmos in my own special ways.

Connect With Your Desires

Despite not always being aware of what we want, we all have basic desires. We can make what we desire if we can connect with it. Because frequently we can start to actualize our true aspirations in our lives just by becoming aware of them.

I am becoming conscious and connecting with my deepest needs and desires. 

Set Your Goals

The following step, which is creating goals, can be started once you are aware of what you desire. You must take some action toward what you want in order to get it. This process is straightforward. Just list your objectives for the upcoming year and the following five years. Writing things down does not obligate you to follow through. Your objectives are constantly changing and evolving. But you have to understand and accept them as they are right now. After that, you can start moving forward.

I am Creating goals for the years to come.

Enter The Space of Shunya

Everything we need and want is provided for by the universe. Actually, what prevents us from experiencing the immense abundance, fullness, and goodness that life has to offer are our own fears and feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and doubt. As we enter a space of shunya we move towards a much brighter wholeness.

I’m getting what I want as I learn to trust the universe.

Get in-touch With Your Life

We must recognise the amazing life we already lead and the consequent strength we possess. We’ve all had a tonne of events in our lives that are distinctive, fascinating, or even fantastic. Several intriguing personalities have been drawn to the drama of our own particular reality. These individuals and occasions are all reflections of our creativity. What we have already manifested is compelling evidence of how powerful our beings truly are, even though we are all capable of generating even better and more gratifying worlds.

My life is a manifestation of my own ingenuity.

Accept That Life Is Simple

Life is a lot simpler than most of us believe it to be. We work incredibly hard to better ourselves, develop, become more conscious, and accomplish things in the world. We must unwind, let go, and make room for the life force that animates everything around us and inside us. The majority of the time, we’re moving so quickly and working so hard that we don’t see how hard life is trying to provide us with what we want and need.

I’m ready to accept whatever comes my way today. 

Find Your Truth

Each of us possesses the knowledge of life, and we are always in close contact with it. Our intuition will direct us if we can learn to trust it. If we let it, it will demonstrate to us in detail what we must do and understand at every instant of our life.

My intuition is guiding me through life. 

Explore Possibilities

Life is an adventure. We need to liberate ourselves to think about it that way. We have a propensity to take ourselves very seriously and believe that every effort must result in the desired outcome. We can experiment with more things when we consider life to be an exploration. We may examine our choices and learn a lot about ourselves in the process. With this mindset, we have more opportunities. Simply let go of some of the things you attempt if they don’t work. Don’t assume that you have to finish anything once you start it. Exploration and learning from that process of discovery are acceptable.

I am willing to explore something new. 

Live By Your Rhythm

It’s crucial to design a schedule that truly fulfills your needs in order to avoid the temptation to defy it. If your calendar simply consists of the things you need to accomplish and doesn’t provide you time for the things you want to do, it won’t function and you’ll discard it. Instead of strangling your creativity, you are attempting to allow it to flourish. Make a list of your priorities, along with the time required for each. Consider your obligations as well as the demands of those around you. After that, include them in a weekly plan. Set your own pace. Do what makes you happy, what functions for you, what seems balanced to you and contributes to your sense of wellbeing.

I’m learning to strike a balance between my obligations to others and to myself, as well as between work and enjoyment. 

Ignite The Coach Within You

There is a coach inside of you. It comes from within you. Whether you recognise it or not, it surrounds you at all times. We only ever need to look within ourselves for direction, truth, and any necessary support, love, or encouragement. The guidance starts to come to us right away when we ask for it. It always arrives, even though it sometimes doesn’t come in the way we expect.

My intuitive wisdom is guiding me step by step along my own special path. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of being asleep?

The state of being asleep is a dormant state where one’s eyes are open, but they are not fully awake and aware of their surroundings and potential.

What is the difference between being awake and asleep?

The difference between being awake and asleep is the presence of awareness and the sensation of being. Being awake means having a sense of awareness and embracing the present, while being asleep means lacking that awareness.

What does a life of excellence mean?

A life of excellence means living a life of grandeur and significance, where one takes daily actions of kindness and continuous improvement to reach their full potential.

What is the journey of purpose, wholeness, and healing?

The journey of purpose, wholeness, and healing is a path of awakening one’s true self, embracing the present, and living life as an example of what a human being is capable of creating.

How can one transform their life?

One can transform their life by devoting themselves to continuous improvement and excellence in minor ways each day, such as improving their health, relationships, or professional knowledge. This will lead to a gradual increase in all areas, eventually resulting in a transformed life.